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Classmates from Michelle Durr to Wayne Durr
Michelle Durr Mickey Durr Mika Durr Mike Durr Mildred Durr Mindy Durr Minnie Durr Missy Durr Misty Durr Mitchell Durr Monchello Durr Monica Durr Monique Durr Morgan Durr Moses Durr Nancy Durr Nandena Durr Naomi Durr Natalie Durr Natasha Durr Nate Durr Nathan Durr Nathaniel Durr Natosha Durr Nayla Durr Neal Durr Nedra Durr Net Durr Nichol Durr Nicholas Durr Nickia Durr Nicole Durr Nikki Durr Nina Durr Norma Durr Norman Durr Norris Durr Olivia Durr Orlando Durr Otis Durr Paige Durr Palmer Durr Pam Durr Pamala Durr Pamela Durr Pasha Durr Pat Durr Patricia Durr Patrick Durr Patti Durr Patty Durr Paul Durr Paula Durr Pearlie Durr Peggy Durr Penny Durr Percy Durr Perry Durr Pete Durr Peter Durr Philiece Durr Philip Durr Phillip Durr Phyllis Durr Ponce Durr Preston Durr Priscilla Durr Qiana Durr Quentin Durr Quincy Durr Quinton Durr Rachel Durr Ralph Durr Ramon Durr Ramona Durr Randall Durr Randy Durr Raphael Durr Ray Durr Raymond Durr Rebecca Durr Rebekah Durr Reggie Durr Regina Durr Reginald Durr Remone Durr Renee Durr Rhonda Durr Richard Durr Rick Durr Ricky Durr Rita Durr Rob Durr Robbie Durr Robby Durr Robert Durr Roberta Durr Robin Durr Rochelle Durr Rocky Durr Roderick Durr Rodney Durr Roger Durr Roland Durr Ron Durr Ronald Durr Ronda Durr Rosa Durr Rose Durr Rosemary Durr Rosie Durr Ross Durr Rowan Durr Roxanne Durr Roy Durr Ruby Durr Russell Durr Ruth Durr Ryan Durr Sabrina Durr Sally Durr Sam Durr Samantha Durr Samuel Durr Sandi Durr Sandra Durr Sandy Durr Sara Durr Sarah Durr Saundra Durr Scott Durr Sedrick Durr Serena Durr Seth Durr Shaniqua Durr Shanna Durr Shannon Durr Sharon Durr Shavon Durr Shawn Durr Shawna Durr Shawnta Durr Sheila Durr Shelly Durr Sheri Durr Sherial Durr Sherlia Durr Sherman Durr Sherrie Durr Sherry Durr Sheryl Durr Shirley Durr Sondra Durr Sonita Durr Sonya Durr Soyini Durr Stacey Durr Stacy Durr Stanley Durr Stefanie Durr Stephanie Durr Stephen Durr Steve Durr Steven Durr Susan Durr Susanne Durr Suzanna Durr Suzanne Durr Sylvester Durr Sylvia Durr Tacarra Durr Tamara Durr Tamaria Durr Tami Durr Tamika Durr Tammy Durr Tanya Durr Tara Durr Tarrance Durr Ted Durr Tekeisha Durr Tenee Durr Teresa Durr Terez Durr Terrance Durr Terrence Durr Terri Durr Terry Durr Thelma Durr Theresa Durr Therese Durr Thomas Durr Tiffany Durr Tim Durr Timmy Durr Timothy Durr Tina Durr Tinesha Durr Todd Durr Tom Durr Tomeka Durr Tommie Durr Tommy Durr Toni Durr Tony Durr Tonya Durr Tonye Durr Tracey Durr Traci Durr Tracy Durr Tracye Durr Travis Durr Tremaine Durr Tremayne Durr Tresca Durr Treva Durr Trevon Durr Tricia Durr Trina Durr Trisha Durr Troy Durr Tyler Durr Tyson Durr Uriel Durr Valencia Durr Valerie Durr Vanessa Durr Varian Durr Vedell Durr Venus Durr Vera Durr Vern Durr Verna Durr Vernon Durr Veronica Durr Vi Durr Vicki Durr Vickie Durr Vicky Durr Victoria Durr Vincent Durr Violet Durr Virginia Durr Virginie Durr Vivian Durr Walid Durr Walter Durr Wanda Durr Wayland Durr Wayne Durr