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Classmates from Virginia Cronin to Aaron Cronk
Virginia Cronin Vivian Cronin Vivien Cronin Wallace Cronin Wally Cronin Walter Cronin Waltraut Cronin Wanda Cronin Warren Cronin Wayne Cronin Wendy Cronin Wesley Cronin Will Cronin William Cronin Willie Cronin Wilma Cronin Winifred Cronin Yolanda Cronin Yvonne Cronin Zac Cronin Zach Cronin Zachary Cronin Zack Cronin Zane Cronin Zoe Cronin Marilyn Cronin Castle Jeremiah Cronin Iii John Cronin Iii Russell Cronin Jr Patricia Cronin-farley Margot Cronin-furman Patricia Cronin-gilday Peggy Cronin-hughes Marion Cronin-leibowitz Christie Cronin-strom Amanda Croninger Amber Croninger Barbara Croninger Betty Croninger Cathy Croninger Charles Croninger Cheryl Croninger Christopher Croninger Condessa Croninger Cynthia Croninger Dave Croninger David Croninger Jill Croninger Judy Croninger Julie Croninger Karen Croninger Kathleen Croninger Kevin Croninger Lisa Croninger Margaret Croninger Michael Croninger Mike Croninger Pam Croninger Richard Croninger Robert Croninger Robin Croninger Ruth Croninger Thomas Croninger William Croninger Willis Croninger Andrew Cronis Charles Cronis Gary Cronis Gregory Cronis Jeanne Cronis Nancy Cronis Paul Cronis Paula Cronis Peter Cronis Phillip Cronis Shannon Cronis Steven Cronis Vicki Cronis Barbara Cronise Barry Cronise Brian Cronise Charles Cronise Daniel Cronise Dave Cronise David Cronise Donald Cronise Dorothy Cronise Elizabeth Cronise Eric Cronise Forrest Cronise Jeanette Cronise Jeffrey Cronise Joan Cronise John Cronise Joseph Cronise Kim Cronise Linda Cronise Malinda Cronise Marian Cronise Martha Cronise Mary Cronise Matthew Cronise Michael Cronise Nancy Cronise Paul Cronise Ray Cronise Raymond Cronise Richard Cronise Rob Cronise Robert Cronise Roger Cronise Ronald Cronise Roy Cronise Sam Cronise Terri Cronise Wayne Cronise Aaron Croniser Adam Croniser Angel Croniser Barbara Croniser Barry Croniser Betty Croniser Beverly Croniser Brian Croniser Cameron Croniser Carl Croniser Carol Croniser Christopher Croniser Daria Croniser David Croniser Dennis Croniser Donna Croniser Douglas Croniser Edmund Croniser Frederick Croniser Gary Croniser Gregory Croniser Heather Croniser Hope Croniser Janette Croniser Jason Croniser Kristy Croniser Laura Croniser Lisa Croniser Megan Croniser Melissia Croniser Michael Croniser Patricia Croniser Rachel Croniser Raymond Croniser Richard Croniser Robert Croniser Roxanne Croniser Roy Croniser Shawn Croniser Stacey Croniser Susan Croniser Tom Croniser Veronica Croniser William Croniser Aaron Cronister Amanda Cronister Angela Cronister Benjamin Cronister Bill Cronister Brent Cronister Carol Cronister Carrie Cronister Constance Cronister Corey Cronister Craig Cronister Dave Cronister David Cronister Dean Cronister Donna Cronister Edward Cronister Erin Cronister Evin Cronister Gary Cronister Gerald Cronister Heather Cronister Jaime Cronister James Cronister Jan Cronister Janice Cronister Jason Cronister Jeanne Cronister Jennifer Cronister Jerry Cronister Jesse Cronister Jessie Cronister John Cronister Jr Cronister Judith Cronister Kathy Cronister Kelly Cronister Kenneth Cronister Kevin Cronister Latrell Cronister Lisa Cronister Loren Cronister Lori Cronister Mark Cronister Marvin Cronister Matthew Cronister Michelle Cronister Mickie Cronister Millard Cronister Misty Cronister Mitchell Cronister Nathan Cronister Patricia Cronister Peter Cronister Rebecca Cronister Rene Cronister Renee Cronister Richard Cronister Rita Cronister Robert Cronister Russell Cronister Sandy Cronister Sara Cronister Scott Cronister Shaun Cronister Stephanie Cronister Teresa Cronister Theresa Cronister Vicki Cronister William Cronister Everett Cronizer Herbert Cronizer Keith Cronizer Edward Cronjager Adrian Cronje Anneke Cronje Christiaan Cronje Daleen Cronje Frans Cronje Johan Cronje Kaylene Cronje Liza Cronje Nicola Cronje Pieter Cronje Romeo Cronje Wendy Cronje Wessel Cronje Wynn Cronje Aaron Cronk