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City: > Brice Coefield - Tyneisha Coleman > Kelly Coffing - Arlie Coffman
Classmates from Kelly Coffing to Arlie Coffman
Kelly Coffing Kenneth Coffing Kimberly Coffing Kristen Coffing Larry Coffing Laura Coffing Laurie Coffing Leatha Coffing Lisa Coffing Lloyd Coffing Lonnie Coffing Lou Coffing Marie Coffing Mark Coffing Mary Coffing Matthew Coffing Melissa Coffing Michael Coffing Nancy Coffing Natalie Coffing Patricia Coffing Patrick Coffing Paula Coffing Pennie Coffing Rachel Coffing Ralph Coffing Randy Coffing Rebecca Coffing Rebekah Coffing Richard Coffing Rick Coffing Robert Coffing Ronald Coffing Rose Coffing Sam Coffing Samuel Coffing Sandra Coffing Sarah Coffing Scott Coffing Seth Coffing Shane Coffing Shannon Coffing Shawn Coffing Shirley Coffing Stacey Coffing Stephanie Coffing Stephen Coffing Steve Coffing Steven Coffing Susan Coffing Sylvia Coffing Tammy Coffing Tara Coffing Terry Coffing Thad Coffing Thomas Coffing Tiffany Coffing Timothy Coffing Tom Coffing Tracy Coffing Travis Coffing Veronica Coffing Virginia Coffing William Coffing Adrianne Coffinger Barbara Coffinger Bradford Coffinger Carol Coffinger Chad Coffinger Christopher Coffinger Daniel Coffinger David Coffinger Doug Coffinger Gail Coffinger Howard Coffinger John Coffinger Julie Coffinger Lori Coffinger Maralin Coffinger Nancy Coffinger Noel Coffinger Patrick Coffinger Patty Coffinger Paul Coffinger Randall Coffinger Richard Coffinger Steve Coffinger Tom Coffinger Joe Coffini Justin Coffini Amanda Coffino Bea Coffino Christopher Coffino Deborah Coffino Estelle Coffino Mark Coffino Michael Coffino Myrna Coffino Ronnie Coffino Theresa Coffino Zadick Coffino Allen Coffland Amanda Coffland Amy Coffland Carl Coffland Chris Coffland Dan Coffland Dana Coffland Daniel Coffland David Coffland Debbie Coffland Deborah Coffland Dennis Coffland Don Coffland Douglas Coffland Gary Coffland George Coffland James Coffland Janette Coffland Jessica Coffland Joan Coffland John Coffland Joshua Coffland Justin Coffland Kaleb Coffland Kara Coffland Karen Coffland Keith Coffland Ken Coffland Kenneth Coffland Kent Coffland Kevin Coffland Liana Coffland Linda Coffland Lisa Coffland Lynn Coffland Marc Coffland Marie Coffland Martha Coffland Matthew Coffland Patricia Coffland Paul Coffland Renee Coffland Richard Coffland Robert Coffland Ryan Coffland Shelby Coffland Steve Coffland Susan Coffland Tracy Coffland Wayne Coffland William Coffland Dana Coffland-storey David Coffler Gail Coffler Sarah Coffler Brenda Cofflin Charles Cofflin David Cofflin Edwin Cofflin Howard Cofflin James Cofflin Kenneth Cofflin Kim Cofflin Michael Cofflin Patricia Cofflin William Cofflin Vanessa Coffly Aaron Coffman Abbie Coffman Abby Coffman Abigail Coffman Abraham Coffman Ada Coffman Adam Coffman Addie Coffman Adria Coffman Adrianne Coffman Adrienne Coffman Aimee Coffman Al Coffman Alan Coffman Alayna Coffman Albert Coffman Alec Coffman Alene Coffman Alex Coffman Alexa Coffman Alexander Coffman Alexandra Coffman Alexandria Coffman Alexis Coffman Alfred Coffman Ali Coffman Alice Coffman Alicia Coffman Alisha Coffman Alison Coffman Alissa Coffman Allan Coffman Allen Coffman Allene Coffman Alli Coffman Allison Coffman Allyson Coffman Alma Coffman Alta Coffman Alva Coffman Alvin Coffman Alvis Coffman Alyson Coffman Alyssa Coffman Amanda Coffman Amber Coffman Amberly Coffman Amelia Coffman Amie Coffman Amy Coffman Andre Coffman Andrea Coffman Andrew Coffman Andy Coffman Angel Coffman Angela Coffman Angelia Coffman Angelika Coffman Angelina Coffman Angie Coffman Anhara Coffman Anita Coffman Ann Coffman Anna Coffman Anndrea Coffman Anne Coffman Annetta Coffman Annette Coffman Annie Coffman Anthony Coffman Antoinette Coffman April Coffman Archie Coffman Ardis Coffman Arianne Coffman Aric Coffman Ariel Coffman Arlene Coffman Arlie Coffman