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Classmates from Tracey Clampitt to Derek Clancey
Tracey Clampitt Traci Clampitt Troy Clampitt Tyler Clampitt Wayne Clampitt Wendy Clampitt Wesley Clampitt William Clampitt Zachary Clampitt Diana Clampitt Raiford Bruce Clamser Emily Clamser Erika Clamser Frank Clamser George Clamser Kenny Clamser Kevin Clamser Lydia Clamser Myra Clamser Ronald Clamser Walter Clamser Kelli Clamson Adelfa Clamucha Teodoro Clamucha Gary Clamurro Ken Clamurro Andrea Clan Barbara Clan Charles Clan Chris Clan Dan Clan David Clan Elizabeth Clan Georgia Clan James Clan Janette Clan Jason Clan Joe Clan John Clan Joseph Clan Judy Clan Karen Clan Larry Clan Laura Clan Lonnie Clan Michael Clan Patricia Clan Peggy Clan Sharon Clan Sue Clan Tammy Clan William Clan Andrea Clanagan Anthony Clanagan David Clanagan Donelle Clanagan Dorothy Clanagan Ebony Clanagan Jaisen Clanagan James Clanagan Jeff Clanagan Jennifer Clanagan Jordan Clanagan Judith Clanagan Kimberly Clanagan Lavonne Clanagan Linda Clanagan Margaret Clanagan Richard Clanagan Robert Clanagan Roy Clanagan Russell Clanagan Shallani Clanagan Tanya Clanagan Theresa Clanagan Timothy Clanagan Troy Clanagan Alden Clanahan Alison Clanahan Beth Clanahan Brad Clanahan Buddie Clanahan Candace Clanahan Casey Clanahan Chase Clanahan Cheryl Clanahan Christian Clanahan Colver Clanahan David Clanahan Dennis Clanahan Doane Clanahan Dudley Clanahan Elizabeth Clanahan Emily Clanahan Gregory Clanahan Holly Clanahan James Clanahan Jay Clanahan Jeanette Clanahan Jennifer Clanahan Joyce Clanahan Julia Clanahan Karen Clanahan Karla Clanahan Kelly Clanahan Kenneth Clanahan Kimberly Clanahan Larry Clanahan Linda Clanahan Mary Clanahan Matthew Clanahan Michael Clanahan Michelle Clanahan Mike Clanahan Mildred Clanahan Morrissa Clanahan Patricia Clanahan Phillip Clanahan Randal Clanahan Ray Clanahan Richard Clanahan Rita Clanahan Robert Clanahan Russell Clanahan Sassy Clanahan Shovonne Clanahan Stephanie Clanahan Stephen Clanahan Ted Clanahan Thomas Clanahan Todd Clanahan Travis Clanahan William Clanahan Mladen Clanak Zoran Clanak Simon Clanaman Aaron Clanan Christine Clanan Helen Clanan Jerome Clanan Jessica Clanan Joey Clanan Scotty Clanan Tracie Clanaugh Alexandra Clance Barbara Clance Bob Clance Brandi Clance Bryan Clance Carl Clance Cecil Clance Charles Clance Cindy Clance Colyn Clance Corbin Clance Curtis Clance Cynthia Clance Dan Clance Daniel Clance Debra Clance Delene Clance Diana Clance Donald Clance Donna Clance Eric Clance Gene Clance Gina Clance Greg Clance Heath Clance Herman Clance James Clance Jeanette Clance Jeanne Clance Jennifer Clance Jesse Clance Jimmy Clance John Clance Johnny Clance Joseph Clance Joyl Clance Julia Clance Kelly Clance Kevin Clance Kimberly Clance Laura Clance Linda Clance Martha Clance Matthew Clance Melanie Clance Michael Clance Nancy Clance Norma Clance Patricia Clance Patrick Clance Rhonda Clance Richard Clance Robert Clance Roger Clance Ryan Clance Sarah Clance Shane Clance Shannon Clance Sharon Clance Steve Clance Susan Clance Thomas Clance William Clance Wynne Clance Zachary Clance Alma Clancey Amanda Clancey Amy Clancey Andrea Clancey Andrew Clancey Ann Clancey Anne Clancey Anneliese Clancey April Clancey Ashley Clancey Barbara Clancey Beth Clancey Bettina Clancey Bill Clancey Bob Clancey Brendan Clancey Brian Clancey Bryan Clancey Carol Clancey Cary Clancey Cathy Clancey Charles Clancey Cheryl Clancey Christine Clancey Christopher Clancey Cindy Clancey Clifford Clancey Colleen Clancey Constance Clancey Daniel Clancey Dave Clancey David Clancey Debby Clancey Deeana Clancey Delores Clancey Denise Clancey Dennis Clancey Derek Clancey