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Classmates from Sheri Cansler to Jack Cantafio
Sheri Cansler Slone Cansler Spencer Cansler Stacy Cansler Stephanie Cansler Stephen Cansler Steve Cansler Steven Cansler Sue Cansler Susan Cansler Susie Cansler Tamara Cansler Tammy Cansler Tasha Cansler Taylor Cansler Teresa Cansler Terry Cansler Thaddeus Cansler Theresa Cansler Thomas Cansler Tim Cansler Timothy Cansler Tina Cansler Todd Cansler Tommie Cansler Tommy Cansler Tony Cansler Tonya Cansler Tracy Cansler Troy Cansler Valerie Cansler Vicki Cansler Victoria Cansler Vincent Cansler Virginia Cansler Vivian Cansler Wade Cansler Wanda Cansler Wendell Cansler Whitney Cansler Willard Cansler William Cansler Wolfred Cansler Yvette Cansler Yvonne Cansler Joe Canslini Tam Canslor Antia Cansobre Maria Cansobre Michele Cansobre Barney Canson Clarence Canson Diane Canson Earl Canson Eric Canson Gloria Canson Jamika Canson Jerrille Canson Jerrmichael Canson Jerry Canson Jesse Canson John Canson Karen Canson Michael Canson Nathan Canson Patricia Canson Paul Canson Robert Canson Runisha Canson Sarah Canson Teresita Canson Michael Cansor George Canstanza Andrew Cant Andy Cant Annie Cant April Cant Barbara Cant Betty Cant Beverley Cant Beverly Cant Bob Cant Brandon Cant Bruce Cant Cant Cant Carol Cant Catherine Cant Charles Cant Chris Cant Christopher Cant Cynthia Cant Dana Cant Daniel Cant David Cant Debra Cant Dee Cant Dennis Cant Donna Cant Edward Cant Elaine Cant Eric Cant Gerald Cant Jack Cant James Cant Jennifer Cant Jeremiah Cant Jessica Cant Jim Cant Joe Cant John Cant Karen Cant Kim Cant Kristina Cant Laura Cant Lisa Cant Louise Cant Margaret Cant Marie Cant Max Cant Michael Cant Owana Cant Pamela Cant Patricia Cant Paul Cant Robert Cant Rosalinda Cant Sarah Cant Scott Cant Stephen Cant Susan Cant Susie Cant Timothy Cant Traci Cant Trevor Cant William Cant Mandi Cant Tell Aldo Canta Anthony Canta Carina Canta Cathy Canta Charles Canta Chloe Canta Cielo Canta Daria Canta Dolly Canta Gennaro Canta James Canta Joe Canta John Canta Jorge Canta Jose Canta Joseph Canta Kate Canta Leonard Canta Manuel Canta Marivic Canta Matthew Canta Michael Canta Nicole Canta Orlando Canta Pioux Canta Ricardo Canta Ruth Canta Steven Canta Susan Canta Gary Cantaben Kathleen Cantaben Andrew Cantabene Anthony Cantabene Deborah Cantabene George Cantabene Janice Cantabene John Cantabene Joseph Cantabene Lawrence Cantabene Marleen Cantabene Nancy Cantabene Paul Cantabene Vincent Cantabene Jillian Cantaberry Bernardo Cantabrana Elvira Cantabrana Gustavo Cantabrana John Cantabrana Jose Cantabrana Kathy Cantabrana Marcelino Cantabrana Marco Cantabrana Maria Cantabrana Ruben Cantabrana Santana Cantabrana Yesenia Cantabrana Antonio Cantacessi Bruce Cantacessi Cory Cantacessi John Cantacessi Louis Cantacessi Michele Cantacessi Vince Cantacessi Vincent Cantacessi Vinnie Cantacessi Bernardino Cantada Christine Cantada Edgardo Cantada Edilberta Cantada Ernesto Cantada Gabriel Cantada Jean Cantada Karen Cantada Luis Cantada Maria Cantada Nelson Cantada Noel Cantada Oscar Cantada Reynaldo Cantada Ronald Cantada Rosemarie Cantada Totie Cantada Verleo Cantada Paula Cantadeiro Carlos Cantaderio Jose Cantaderio Maria Cantaderio Sergio Cantador Barbara Cantadore Francis Cantadore George Cantaffa Janet Cantaffa Joe Cantaffa Danielle Cantafi Dominic Cantafi Alex Cantafio Anthony Cantafio April Cantafio Bridget Cantafio Bryan Cantafio Caren Cantafio Carol Cantafio Christopher Cantafio Costantina Cantafio Craig Cantafio Dawn Cantafio Donna Cantafio Elizabeth Cantafio Francis Cantafio Frank Cantafio George Cantafio Jack Cantafio