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City: > Vicky Burkholder - Paul Busbee > Jd Burse - Virginia Burse
Classmates from Jd Burse to Virginia Burse
Jd Burse Jean Burse Jeanette Burse Jeanine Burse Jeante Burse Jeff Burse Jeffery Burse Jeffrey Burse Jennifer Burse Jeremy Burse Jermaine Burse Jerome Burse Jerrod Burse Jerry Burse Jesse Burse Jessica Burse Jimmie Burse Jimmy Burse Joan Burse Joe Burse John Burse Johneatha Burse Johnnie Burse Johnny Burse Jon Burse Jonathan Burse Joseph Burse Josephine Burse Joshua Burse Joyce Burse Juan Burse Judy Burse Julie Burse Julius Burse Justin Burse Kamyra Burse Karen Burse Kathy Burse Katrina Burse Kay Burse Keith Burse Keithre Burse Kelly Burse Kendra Burse Kenneth Burse Kenyatta Burse Kevin Burse Kim Burse Kimberly Burse Kisha Burse Kristin Burse Kyle Burse Kyra Burse Lakeisha Burse Lakisha Burse Lamonica Burse Lance Burse Larry Burse Lashandra Burse Lasonya Burse Latasha Burse Latina Burse Latoya Burse Laura Burse Lawrence Burse Lee Burse Lenard Burse Leon Burse Leonard Burse Letwan Burse Linda Burse Lindsey Burse Lisa Burse Lola Burse Lori Burse Lorine Burse Lorraine Burse Luther Burse Lynda Burse Lynn Burse Mae Burse Malori Burse Mamie Burse Manya Burse Marcus Burse Margaret Burse Marie Burse Mark Burse Markeith Burse Markell Burse Marquis Burse Marvin Burse Mary Burse Matthew Burse Mattie Burse Maurice Burse Melanie Burse Melinda Burse Melvin Burse Meredith Burse Mia Burse Michael Burse Michelle Burse Mildred Burse Milton Burse Monet Burse Monica Burse Monika Burse Monique Burse Myesha Burse Myron Burse Nancy Burse Naquisha Burse Nashan Burse Natasha Burse Natassia Burse Nicholas Burse Nichole Burse Nicole Burse Nila Burse Nina Burse Nneka Burse Norma Burse Ocie Burse Ophelia Burse Oscar Burse Pamela Burse Patricia Burse Patrick Burse Patty Burse Paul Burse Paula Burse Peggy Burse Perrin Burse Phillip Burse Phyllis Burse Rachel Burse Ramona Burse Rathena Burse Raymond Burse Rebecca Burse Regina Burse Reginald Burse Renaldo Burse Renee Burse Rhonda Burse Richard Burse Richelle Burse Rickey Burse Ricky Burse Robbie Burse Robby Burse Robert Burse Roberta Burse Robin Burse Robyn Burse Robynn Burse Rochelle Burse Roderick Burse Rodney Burse Roger Burse Rolando Burse Romano Burse Ron Burse Ronald Burse Ronnie Burse Rontail Burse Roosevelt Burse Roshawn Burse Rosie Burse Roslyn Burse Roy Burse Ruby Burse Ruth Burse Ryan Burse Saida Burse Samella Burse Samuel Burse Sandra Burse Scott Burse Shameeka Burse Shameka Burse Shaniqua Burse Shanita Burse Shantez Burse Sharon Burse Shawna Burse Sheila Burse Sheldon Burse Sheliah Burse Sherida Burse Sherita Burse Sherry Burse Shirley Burse Shonda Burse Solomon Burse Sonja Burse Sonya Burse Stanley Burse Stephan Burse Stephanie Burse Stephen Burse Stephenie Burse Steve Burse Steven Burse Sybil Burse Tabitha Burse Tameka Burse Tammy Burse Tanisha Burse Tanya Burse Taquita Burse Tara Burse Tedrick Burse Teresa Burse Terrance Burse Terri Burse Terry Burse Theodis Burse Theodore Burse Theron Burse Thomas Burse Tiffany Burse Tim Burse Timothy Burse Tina Burse Todd Burse Tommie Burse Toni Burse Tony Burse Tonya Burse Torey Burse Tracy Burse Travis Burse Troy Burse Tyler Burse Tyrone Burse Tywane Burse Valencia Burse Valerie Burse Vanessa Burse Vanesse Burse Velma Burse Veronica Burse Vicki Burse Vickie Burse Victor Burse Vincent Burse Virginia Burse