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Classmates from Marilyn Burnison to Emmanuel Burnley
Marilyn Burnison Mary Burnison Michael Burnison Patricia Burnison Paul Burnison Phillip Burnison Ray Burnison Richard Burnison Robert Burnison Robin Burnison Ryan Burnison Sandra Burnison Sandy Burnison Sara Burnison Sarah Burnison Shawn Burnison Stephanie Burnison Thomas Burnison Timothy Burnison Trent Burnison Antonio Burnistine Joe Burnistine Mary Burnistine Sarah Burnistine Danielle Burniston Debb Burniston Debra Burniston Denise Burniston Harry Burniston Harvey Burniston James Burniston Jamie Burniston Jean Burniston Jeffrey Burniston Jennifer Burniston Johanna Burniston John Burniston Karla Burniston Kay Burniston Mark Burniston Matt Burniston Melissa Burniston Michael Burniston Pamela Burniston Ray Burniston Raymond Burniston Richard Burniston Samantha Burniston Shawn Burniston Stewart Burniston Tami Burniston Thomas Burniston Toni Burniston Tyler Burniston William Burniston Yvonne Burnita Charles Burnite Deborah Burnite George Burnite Howard Burnite Janet Burnite John Burnite Michael Burnite Patrick Burnite Richard Burnite Rose Burnite Timothy Burnite Frank Burnitskie Louann Burnitskie Sandy Burnitskie Amy Burnitt Anthony Burnitt Betty Burnitt Cal Burnitt Christopher Burnitt Debbie Burnitt Dixie Burnitt Donald Burnitt Edward Burnitt Evelyn Burnitt Jacob Burnitt James Burnitt Jimmie Burnitt Jimmy Burnitt John Burnitt Keith Burnitt Kimberly Burnitt Larry Burnitt Linda Burnitt Lisa Burnitt Mary Burnitt Michael Burnitt Michelle Burnitt Murphy Burnitt Paul Burnitt Phyllis Burnitt Randall Burnitt Richard Burnitt Ronnie Burnitt Sarah Burnitt Steve Burnitt Thomas Burnitt Regina Burnitte Charles Burnitz Christine Burnitz Jeremy Burnitz Jeromy Burnitz Kristopher Burnitz Dawn Burnitzki Glenda Burnitzki Lorraine Burnitzki Mark Burnitzki Misty Burnitzki Rocky Burnitzki Ronald Burnjas Richard Burnkrant Robert Burnkrant Aaron Burnley Adam Burnley Alan Burnley Alesia Burnley Alice Burnley Allan Burnley Alyne Burnley Alyson Burnley Amanda Burnley Amber Burnley Amy Burnley Andrew Burnley Angela Burnley Anissa Burnley Anita Burnley Ann Burnley Annabelle Burnley Anne Burnley Annelies Burnley Anthony Burnley Antonio Burnley April Burnley Archie Burnley Arika Burnley Arnold Burnley Arthur Burnley Ashley Burnley Aubrey Burnley Barbara Burnley Becky Burnley Ben Burnley Benjamin Burnley Bernadette Burnley Bernard Burnley Bette Burnley Betti Burnley Beverly Burnley Bill Burnley Billy Burnley Bob Burnley Bobby Burnley Bonnie Burnley Brandi Burnley Brandon Burnley Brandy Burnley Brenda Burnley Brian Burnley Bridget Burnley Bridgette Burnley Brittany Burnley Bryan Burnley Calvin Burnley Candace Burnley Candance Burnley Carey Burnley Carl Burnley Carol Burnley Carolyn Burnley Cary Burnley Catherine Burnley Cathy Burnley Cecil Burnley Cecilia Burnley Charity Burnley Charles Burnley Chauntavia Burnley Cheryl Burnley Chris Burnley Christina Burnley Christine Burnley Christophe Burnley Christopher Burnley Cindy Burnley Clara Burnley Claude Burnley Claudine Burnley Clayton Burnley Clifford Burnley Clyde Burnley Colin Burnley Conley Burnley Connie Burnley Corey Burnley Covondre Burnley Craig Burnley Crystal Burnley Curtis Burnley Cynthia Burnley Damon Burnley Dan Burnley Daniel Burnley Danielle Burnley Danny Burnley Daryl Burnley Dave Burnley David Burnley Dawn Burnley Deann Burnley Debbie Burnley Deborah Burnley Debra Burnley Delilah Burnley Demetrius Burnley Dempsey Burnley Denise Burnley Dennis Burnley Deontae Burnley Desmond Burnley Devonna Burnley Diane Burnley Dianetta Burnley Dianna Burnley Don Burnley Donald Burnley Donna Burnley Doreen Burnley Doris Burnley Dorothy Burnley Douglas Burnley Earl Burnley Earlisha Burnley Eben Burnley Edward Burnley Eileen Burnley Eli Burnley Elizabeth Burnley Emily Burnley Emma Burnley Emmanuel Burnley