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City: > Mark Witkiewicz - Madelyn Wolter > Amy Wittke - Connie Wittkopp
Classmates from Amy Wittke to Connie Wittkopp
Amy Wittke Andrew Wittke Ann Wittke Barbara Wittke Brad Wittke Brent Wittke Brian Wittke Carol Wittke Catherine Wittke Chad Wittke Charles Wittke Cheryl Wittke Christian Wittke Christina Wittke Christopher Wittke Corey Wittke Cynthia Wittke Daniel Wittke Darci Wittke David Wittke Dawn Wittke Dean Wittke Debbie Wittke Debra Wittke Dianne Wittke Donald Wittke Donna Wittke Edward Wittke Elizabeth Wittke Eric Wittke Ernest Wittke Faith Wittke Frederick Wittke Gail Wittke Glenn Wittke Gloria Wittke Gregory Wittke Harold Wittke Harvey Wittke Herbert Wittke Irene Wittke Jacqueline Wittke James Wittke Jamie Wittke Jane Wittke Jason Wittke Jayme Wittke Jean Wittke Jeffrey Wittke Jennifer Wittke Jim Wittke John Wittke Jon Wittke Julie Wittke Karen Wittke Kathy Wittke Kenneth Wittke Kevin Wittke Laura Wittke Lee Wittke Linda Wittke Lisa Wittke Lori Wittke Margaret Wittke Maria Wittke Marilyn Wittke Mark Wittke Mary Wittke Megan Wittke Melissa Wittke Michael Wittke Monica Wittke Nathan Wittke Nicole Wittke Pam Wittke Pamela Wittke Paul Wittke Paula Wittke Phillip Wittke Phyllis Wittke Ralph Wittke Regina Wittke Renee Wittke Richard Wittke Robert Wittke Robin Wittke Rolf Wittke Ronnette Wittke Rudi Wittke Ryan Wittke Sandra Wittke Sarah Wittke Scott Wittke Sharon Wittke Shaundra Wittke Shawn Wittke Shonda Wittke Steve Wittke Steven Wittke Susan Wittke Ted Wittke Thomas Wittke Todd Wittke Tom Wittke Tracy Wittke Troy Wittke Walter Wittke William Wittke Shawn Wittkey Chester Wittkin Terry Wittkin Adam Wittkins Bernard Wittkins Janet Wittko Peter Wittko Robert Wittko Tracy Wittko Karen Wittkoetter William Wittkoetter Steven Wittkoff William Wittkoff Elmer Wittkofske Henry Wittkofske James Wittkofske Mark Wittkofske Robert Wittkofske Tina Wittkofske James Wittkofski Lance Wittkofski Marilyn Wittkofski Theresa Wittkofski Thomas Wittkofski Antonio Wittkofsky Edward Wittkofsky Frank Wittkofsky Laura Wittkofsky Hunter Wittkohl Jennifer Wittkohl Joshua Wittkohl Laura Wittkohl Michael Wittkohl Richard Wittkohl Alene Wittkop Barbara Wittkop Brian Wittkop Carmen Wittkop Carolyn Wittkop Cecilia Wittkop Charles Wittkop Christine Wittkop Christopher Wittkop Daniel Wittkop David Wittkop Dean Wittkop Denise Wittkop Dianne Wittkop Elizabeth Wittkop George Wittkop Gregory Wittkop Heather Wittkop Helen Wittkop Jacklyne Wittkop James Wittkop Jay Wittkop Jeff Wittkop Jeremy Wittkop John Wittkop Joseph Wittkop Julie Wittkop Karen Wittkop Katie Wittkop Kerrie Wittkop Lance Wittkop Larry Wittkop Laura Wittkop Lawrence Wittkop Lisa Wittkop Marie Wittkop Mary Wittkop Michael Wittkop Misty Wittkop Patricia Wittkop Paul Wittkop Richard Wittkop Robert Wittkop Russell Wittkop Ruth Wittkop Scott Wittkop Shawn Wittkop Susan Wittkop Timothy Wittkop Valerie Wittkop Vickie Wittkop Wade Wittkop Wayne Wittkop William Wittkop Alicia Wittkopf Bennie Wittkopf Carol Wittkopf Chris Wittkopf Dale Wittkopf Dave Wittkopf David Wittkopf Derek Wittkopf Diana Wittkopf Elizabeth Wittkopf Emily Wittkopf Gabriel Wittkopf Gary Wittkopf James Wittkopf Janet Wittkopf Janice Wittkopf Jeanne Wittkopf Jeffrey Wittkopf Jennifer Wittkopf Judith Wittkopf Kathy Wittkopf Linda Wittkopf Martin Wittkopf Mary Wittkopf Michael Wittkopf Paul Wittkopf Ray Wittkopf Richard Wittkopf Robert Wittkopf Rochelle Wittkopf Ronald Wittkopf Sara Wittkopf Scott Wittkopf Shane Wittkopf Tami Wittkopf Thomas Wittkopf Wendy Wittkopf William Wittkopf Willie Wittkopf Yvonne Wittkopf Albert Wittkopp Amanda Wittkopp Ann Wittkopp Bradley Wittkopp Brandon Wittkopp Brian Wittkopp Charles Wittkopp Christine Wittkopp Cindy Wittkopp Colleen Wittkopp Connie Wittkopp