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Classmates from Jeff Vannice to Dawn Vanniman
Jeff Vannice Jeffrey Vannice Jennifer Vannice Jeremy Vannice Jesse Vannice John Vannice Joyce Vannice Judith Vannice Karen Vannice Kari Vannice Karl Vannice Kathleen Vannice Keil Vannice Kenneth Vannice Kimberley Vannice Kimberly Vannice Kirt Vannice Krista Vannice Linda Vannice Lori Vannice Lynda Vannice Maria Vannice Mark Vannice Mary Vannice Matthew Vannice Melanie Vannice Melissa Vannice Michael Vannice Nancy Vannice Nicholas Vannice Norma Vannice Patricia Vannice Patrick Vannice Patti Vannice Peter Vannice Richard Vannice Robert Vannice Ryan Vannice Sally Vannice Sandra Vannice Sara Vannice Sarah Vannice Shannon Vannice Sharon Vannice Sondra Vannice Sue Vannice Susan Vannice Taylor Vannice Teresa Vannice Thad Vannice Thomas Vannice Victoria Vannice Virginia Vannice Wayne Vannice William Vannice Angelique Vannicola Anthony Vannicola Bret Vannicola Catherine Vannicola Dante Vannicola David Vannicola Elizabeth Vannicola Ernest Vannicola Harry Vannicola Jason Vannicola John Vannicola Joseph Vannicola Kelli Vannicola Lois Vannicola Marjorie Vannicola Mark Vannicola Mary Vannicola Michael Vannicola Phillip Vannicola Regina Vannicola Robert Vannicola Ruth Vannicola Vincent Vannicola Adenia Vannicolo Francis Vannicolo Frank Vannicolo Louis Vannicolo Pauline Vannicolo Tony Vannicolo John Vannie Richard Vannie David Vanniekerk Donna Vanniekerk Gregory Vanniekerk James Vanniekerk Janin Vanniekerk Johan Vanniekerk Mara Vanniekerk Mary Vanniekerk Melinda Vanniekerk Michael Vanniekerk Paul Vanniekerk Pierre Vanniekerk Pieter Vanniekerk Richard Vanniekerk Scott Vanniekerk Teri Vanniekerk Alissa Vanniel Brian Vanniel David Vanniel Dj Vanniel Douglas Vanniel Edward Vanniel Elizabeth Vanniel Henry Vanniel Jacqueline Vanniel James Vanniel Jason Vanniel John Vanniel Katherine Vanniel Kyle Vanniel Maria Vanniel Marilyn Vanniel Nancy Vanniel Patricia Vanniel Peter Vanniel Robert Vanniel Ronald Vanniel Sharon Vanniel Theresa Vanniel Thomas Vanniel Wanda Vanniel Deborah Vannienwenhove Gerald Vannienwenhove Amanda Vannier Amy Vannier Ann Vannier Ashley Vannier Barbara Vannier Ben Vannier Betty Vannier Brenda Vannier Brent Vannier Charles Vannier Cheryl Vannier Chris Vannier Christian Vannier Cindy Vannier Cody Vannier Daniel Vannier Danielle Vannier Darby Vannier David Vannier Donna Vannier Doug Vannier Eric Vannier Frank Vannier Gabriela Vannier Harold Vannier Jaime Vannier Jalen Vannier James Vannier Jason Vannier Jennifer Vannier Jerad Vannier Jessica Vannier Jim Vannier Joanne Vannier Joseph Vannier Joy Vannier Judy Vannier Kevin Vannier Kim Vannier Krystyna Vannier Linda Vannier Lois Vannier Lourdes Vannier Lyle Vannier Mary Vannier Matthew Vannier Maurice Vannier Melissa Vannier Michael Vannier Michelle Vannier Misty Vannier Morningstar Vannier Nicole Vannier Patricia Vannier Renee Vannier Richard Vannier Robert Vannier Roger Vannier Ron Vannier Ryan Vannier Sadie Vannier Sheila Vannier Stephen Vannier Steve Vannier Susan Vannier Theresa Vannier Thomas Vannier Vanessa Vannier Vicki Vannier William Vannier Zachary Vannier Gary Vanniere Holly Vannieulande Mary Vannieulande Robin Vannieulande Seth Vannieulande John Vannieuwburg Amy Vannieuwenhoven Bonnie Vannieuwenhoven Charles Vannieuwenhoven Cynthia Vannieuwenhoven David Vannieuwenhoven Erin Vannieuwenhoven Francis Vannieuwenhoven Glen Vannieuwenhoven Maria Vannieuwenhoven Marla Vannieuwenhoven Mary Vannieuwenhoven Richard Vannieuwenhoven Scott Vannieuwenhoven Shawn Vannieuwenhoven Tom Vannieuwenhoven Tonia Vannieuwenhoven Tristan Vannieuwenhoven Vicki Vannieuwenhoven Brett Vannieuwenhuise Kim Vannieuwenhuizen James Vannieuwenhuyse Mary Vannieuwenhuyse Paul Vannieuwenhuyse Bill Vannieuwenhuyze Robert Vannieuwenhuyze Jaime Vannieuwenhuyzen Robert Vannieuwenhuyzen Rose Vannieuwenhuyzen Jason Vannieuwenhze Rob Vannieuwenhze Mike Vannieuwkuyk William Vannieuwkuyk Adriana Vannieuwland Johan Vannieuwland Martin Vannieuwland Rodney Vanniewaal William Vannii Christi Vannilam George Vannilam Alicia Vanniman Barbara Vanniman Bryan Vanniman Dawn Vanniman