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Classmates from James Trafton to Roger Tragasz
James Trafton Jane Trafton Janet Trafton Janice Trafton Jason Trafton Jean Trafton Jeannie Trafton Jeffrey Trafton Jenna Trafton Jennifer Trafton Jerry Trafton Jesse Trafton Jessica Trafton Joan Trafton Joel Trafton John Trafton Jon Trafton Jonathan Trafton Joseph Trafton Joshua Trafton Jotham Trafton Joy Trafton Joyce Trafton Judith Trafton Judy Trafton Julie Trafton Justin Trafton Karen Trafton Karl Trafton Katherine Trafton Kathy Trafton Katie Trafton Keith Trafton Kellie Trafton Kelly Trafton Kenneth Trafton Kevin Trafton Kimberly Trafton Kristin Trafton Kristy Trafton Kyle Trafton Lance Trafton Lange Trafton Larry Trafton Laura Trafton Lawrence Trafton Leah Trafton Lemos Trafton Leora Trafton Lesa Trafton Leslie Trafton Levon Trafton Linda Trafton Lisa Trafton Lloyd Trafton Lois Trafton Lonnie Trafton Loretta Trafton Lori Trafton Luean Trafton Lynda Trafton Lynn Trafton Marc Trafton Margaret Trafton Maria Trafton Mariah Trafton Marie Trafton Marion Trafton Mark Trafton Martin Trafton Mary Trafton Marylou Trafton Matthew Trafton Maureen Trafton Maynard Trafton Megan Trafton Melanie Trafton Melissa Trafton Melvin Trafton Michael Trafton Michelle Trafton Mikala Trafton Mike Trafton Morgen Trafton Nancy Trafton Nicole Trafton Norman Trafton Paige Trafton Pamela Trafton Pat Trafton Patricia Trafton Patrick Trafton Paul Trafton Paula Trafton Penny Trafton Peter Trafton Phyllis Trafton Prescott Trafton Priscilla Trafton Ralph Trafton Rebecca Trafton Regina Trafton Rene Trafton Renee Trafton Rhonda Trafton Richard Trafton Rick Trafton Robert Trafton Robin Trafton Rochelle Trafton Roger Trafton Ron Trafton Ronald Trafton Ronda Trafton Rose Trafton Roselyn Trafton Roy Trafton Russell Trafton Sandra Trafton Sara Trafton Sarah Trafton Scott Trafton Sean Trafton Shana Trafton Shane Trafton Shannon Trafton Sheila Trafton Shelia Trafton Sherod Trafton Shirley Trafton Stephanie Trafton Stephen Trafton Steve Trafton Steven Trafton Susan Trafton Suzette Trafton Tamara Trafton Tammy Trafton Tara Trafton Ted Trafton Teresa Trafton Teri Trafton Terrell Trafton Terry Trafton Tess Trafton Thaxter Trafton Theresa Trafton Therese Trafton Thomas Trafton Timothy Trafton Tina Trafton Todd Trafton Tom Trafton Tracey Trafton Travis Trafton Trevor Trafton Vanessa Trafton Vicki Trafton Victoria Trafton Virginia Trafton Vivian Trafton Walter Trafton Wanda Trafton Warren Trafton Wayne Trafton Wendy Trafton Wilford Trafton Willard Trafton William Trafton Winzola Trafton Wyatt Trafton Yvonne Trafton Tiffani Trafton-lloyd Brian Trafzer Doug Trafzer Ellen Trafzer Evelyn Trafzer James Trafzer Kevin Trafzer Margaret Trafzer Pamela Trafzer Robert Trafzer Sharon Trafzer Tess Trafzer Thomas Trafzer Arvilla Trag Guy Trag Jeff Trag Lulezim Traga Nicholas Tragakes James Tragakis Marianne Tragakis Peter Tragakis Suellen Tragakis Esther Tragale Jodymarie Tragale Joseph Tragale Loren Tragale Lynn Tragale Michael Tragale Paul Tragale Salvatore Tragale Steven Tragale Theresa Tragale George Traganas Cara Traganos Charles Traganos Frank Traganos George Traganos John Traganos Michael Traganos Paras Traganos Paris Traganos Scott Traganos Elizabeth Traganza Kathy Tragar Sarah Tragar Jon Tragard Jonathan Tragares Ashley Tragarz Debra Tragarz Dennis Tragarz Ewa Tragarz Mark Tragarz Michael Tragarz Rob Tragarz Robyn Tragarz Stephen Tragarz Tyler Tragarz Beverly Tragas Chris Tragas Christina Tragas Dimitrios Tragas George Tragas Helen Tragas John Tragas Mary Tragas Carol Tragash Dalia Tragash Eric Tragash Hal Tragash Harold Tragash Heather Tragash Jennifer Tragash Kenneth Tragash Robin Tragash Richard Tragasz Roger Tragasz