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Places Lived
Calvary Academy ' 94
Springfield , IL
Adrienne Kitchen
About My Personal Life I have 5 kids. All by different women. I live in a van down by the river. I frequent local carnivals in search of white trash women with tattoos on their ankles and clip-on, dyed feathers attached to the braids in their hair. I was once on Gerry Springer. I don't have cable...or carpet...or indoor plumbing... I stink and so does my life. Please help me!
Springfld Southeast High Sch ' 94
Springfield , IL
About My Personal Life After I graduwaded hi-skool- I got a job at the fairgrounds shoveling horse shit & cow shit & goat shit & pig shit. One day when I was out on my rounds shoveling shit for a living, i met this fine little lady workin at the snow cone maker stand. Me and Betsy, that's her name Betsy, got married in the Agriculture Buildin. Anyway we have 14 damn screamin' kids now, damn kids, and live in a trailor in Hill-top Junction Vila. Life is perdy good right now, when we're not too busy takin care of the kids we like to go to hog roasts, or go play bingo, or just be dirty, we luuuuuuv to be dirty, Heck, we haven't taken a bath in 9 months, Heck, we don't even own one of them there fancy bath tubs, heck, when the smell gets too bad we just go rinse off in the neighbors hose! Yep, that's what we do! Welp hope yall are doin fine.
Hayesville, NC
Hayesville, NC
East Greenwich, RI
Bill Kell
Bre N Kell
John William Kell