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G Ray Bodley High School ' 90
Fulton , NY
Anchorage, AK
Ocean Springs, MS
Trisha Matzke
Lou Degilio
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freezen_in_ak on yahoo messenger or at my e-mail !!




It's not all igloos and eskimos I can't tell you how many people think we live in igloos in Alaska, and think we have darkness all winter and daylight all summer. It's not true. We do see the sun in the winter, not as long as I'd like to see it, but we see it. In the summer it'll stay light intil 1 or 2 in the morning then it does get dark. We drive cars not dog sleds and yes we have electricity. So, in case anyone is tempted to ask those questions, consider them answered. Cool
Bourbon Co High School ' 84
Paris , KY
About My Personal Life I'm teaching high school business classes at my alma mater. Man, was that ever wierd when I first started. Especially with all of the teachers that I had while I was in high school, most were still there. And still single--and looking!!!
Cardinal O'hara High School ' 87
Springfield , PA
Gehrett Ellis
Gehrett Ellis
Paul Harkins