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Graham High School ' 61
Graham , TX
About My Personal Life I retired from working life 2/28/05. Spent the spring, summer and fall working in the yard, playing with the dogs and travelling with my bride of 40 years, Pat. She plans on teaching one more year and then we will move to a lake somewhere and do some serious travelling. Our two sons have flown the coop. Jeff, 35, is in Memphis, TN with wife Heather, daughter Maddie and dog. Chris, 32, is in Rockville, MD, DC area with two dogs. Jeff has recently received a promotion and will be moving to the Austin area in March, 2006. We are in Denton and are looking forward to a wonderful joint retirement. We enjoy travelling, boating and working in the yard and flower gardens. Our two shelties, Mandy and Beau are our "children" now and are spoiled rotten. More so than the kids ever were.
Scranton Technical High School ' 83
Scranton , PA
Scranton, PA
Indian River High School ' 98
Chesapeake , VA