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Places Lived
Leto High School ' 89
Tampa, FL
Tampa, FL
James Wingate
Matt Smith
Matt Smith
My Fave Shoes i love my shoes that look like clogs with holes on the top, they are sooooooo comfy.
What kind of car do you drive? What color is it? i don't drive as much as i used to, after my car accident. but when i do drive i drive a buick lasabre a maroon one at that.
What three movies do I have to see before the end of the summer? the most beautiful thing that i've seen is when my husband and i got married at his moms' house and the house was so beautifully decorated. my favorite piece of jewelry is my hand blown necklace from italy and that came from my mom for this years birthday.  top 3 flavors of ice cream are: 1) banana split, 2) vanillia, 3) peanut butter fudge. yes, i broke a bone and didn't realize i did til i tried walking up 3 steps. my boyfriend, at the time, now an x and i got some coffee i took a sip and he went over a bump while going to home depot, he parked and i started choking on the coffee. i opened the passenger side door to spit it out a
Mission San Jose High School ' 74
Fremont, CA
Cal State Univ, Long Beach ' 79
Long Beach, CA
Longmont, CO
Moving Once again, I will be leaving California and returning to the Rocky Mountains....this time for good.... and for a fresh start. Its been a wild ride so far, but everyday is something new.  My best to all!