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Northwestern High School ' 88
Hyattsville, MD
Chester, MD
Hyattsville, MD
Crofton, MD
April Anderson
Julie Timmerman
Suzanne Wells
About My Personal Life Enjoying life and taken everything day by day.
Warwick High School ' 89
Newport News, VA
Hattiesburg, MS
Rocky Mount, NC
Germantown, MD
Stephen Jones
About My School Life You know the fairy tale about the ugly ducking who grew up to become a beautiful swan? I'm that duckling's lame half-brother who stayed ugly :-) High school is a time I really try to forget.
About My Work Life Working on symbolic computation software in my spare time, as well as researching generalizations of my PhD research.
About My Personal Life I had written: "I'll be getting married at some point this year. I spend my free time reading & doing some traveling; occasionally some volunteer work through the church." I read that now and think, "Hmm, personal life. What's that?" I spend a lot of time in research, teaching, and family life. In my spare time, I write stories or read old literature.
Bremerton High School ' 85
Bremerton, WA
La Lanea Beach
Cindy Perry
Dana Medema
About My School Life "Where's the PARTY"
About My Personal Life I try to follow my heart...
About My Work Life My son Tyler
Hazen Jr Sr High School ' 91
Hazen, AR
Chris Drysdale
Jennifer Hall
Deborah Perry
About My Personal Life No longer married and I am living and working in Carlisle now...
About My School Life lets all go back..
Dracut Senior High School ' 89
Dracut, MA
Tommy Desimone
About My School Life I was a burn out. Need I say more..
About My Work Life I work and get paid.
About My Personal Life Life is great. Doing well financially and things couldn't be better. I live in Floirda and own a home. I have my own business and also work full time.
Hastings High School ' 85
Houston, TX
Kyle Brewer
About My Personal Life I now work as a morning radio DJ at KHFI in Austin,with syndication in Lubbock, Abilene, and Amarillo.
Mt Carmel High School ' 97
Mount Carmel, IL
Sara Mersinger
About My Personal Life I am now living in sunny Santa Monica. I go to school in downtown at a school called The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I graduate on June 16, 2001. I wait tables at Buca Di Beppo, and work at Fred Seagal. Fred Seagal is a big retail store out here. I am taking classes at Stella Adler, it is an acting school, and as soon as I graduate I will be taking more acting classes. I also will be taking some voice lessons, and some hip hop dance. I want to be well rounded in all of the arts. I am finally living a happy life, and I hope you all are as well.
Monterey High School ' 93
Monterey, CA
About My School Life Monterey High School, Air Force Basic Training, D.O.D. Photography school.
About My Personal Life Still Alive! ha ha
Pocahontas County High School ' 96
Dunmore, WV
About My Personal Life Pocahontas County High School
Hanover High School ' 86
Hanover, MA
About My Personal Life just working
Bowie High School ' 93
Austin, TX
About My Personal Life Life is to short so love the one you got
About My School Life loved learning
Pacific Grove High School ' 81
Pacific Grove, CA
About My Personal Life Wife, Daughter, Racing
Alta High School ' 93
Sandy, UT
About My Personal Life Working for Granite School District and raising kids!
Wellington High School ' 93
West Palm Beach, FL
About My Personal Life student at UCBerkeley
Burges High School ' 74
El Paso, TX
About My Personal Life working
Nute Junior Senior High School ' 68
Milton, NH
About My Personal Life I'm looking for old friends, and would like to to get in touch with Darline Maylum who use to live in Sanbornvile NH and went to Nute High, The only girl in Nute that I wished I had gone out with, I had my chance once and screwed it up whin I was in the Navy, sorry
Republic High School ' 92
Republic, MO
About My Personal Life Val and I have been married for almost 11 years now, We have bought a house here in Republic, We would love to hear from anyone who wants to email us. Take Care!
Merrimack High School ' 99
Merrimack, NH
About My Personal Life iii
Morristown Central School ' 62
Morristown, NY
About My Personal Life square dancing
Trinity High School ' 92
Euless, TX
About My Personal Life HI, email me
Midway High School ' 85
Woodway, TX
About My Personal Life 9/25/00 - Married and living in Dallas. No kiddos like you other rabbits in my class. My dogs are just fine. Send me a message.
Gouverneur Jr Sr High School ' 82
Gouverneur, NY
About My Personal Life I'm married to Jeanette Pistolesi. We've been married for 17 years and have two children Anthony (16) & Alexandra (10). I own my own Steel Detailing Business in Gouvernuer. I served in the Air Force, stationed in Texas & North Dakota. I continued my education in the military and worked as a Draftsman prior to started my business in 1993. I live on Sylvia Lake and in Gouverneur. I hope to see everyone at our 20 Year Reunion.
Pell City High School ' 97
Pell City, AL
About My School Life High School. What a joke. First off, I would like to thank all of the people who made fun of me( T.J.F. and his entourage) or thought they were above all of the less fortunate people. (ninety percent of whom were in my homeroom). You made me what I am today. I didn’t have rich parents to buy me a shiny new Lexus and I didn’t go along with the “popular” ways. Sorry mud riding, constant sex, and drunkenness weren’t my thing at the time. Needless to say some of it did rub off on me ( for a while) but I had the common sense to wake up before I lost everything dear to me. I see a lot of people that everyone thought would make it big are either in prison, have nine kids by different fathers and/or mothers, or are registered sex offenders. When I look back at the cruddy schooling we had I am surprised that I made I this far. I do not regret any thing I have ever done though, because I learned who I am and what I value. I do realize High school was a long time ago, but
Central High School ' 98
St Joseph, MO
About My Personal Life I hate St. Joseph
Chapel Field Christian Hs ' 99
Pine Bush, NY
About My Personal Life 4.15.00 - What up y'all. Not much going on here. I'm going to Middle Tennessee State. I do a show for the radio station there. Here's the site--> should be up soon). I'm working on some some music. Nothing new as of now, but here's an old song--> So..uh...yeah... Well, I hope life is going well for all'a y'all...Just keep in touch! Take care.
Northside Christian School ' 94
St Petersburg, FL
About My Personal Life I live in Raleigh, NC.
Nimitz High School ' 95
Irving, TX
About My Personal Life I have been a Computer Programmer in the US Air Force since about six months after we graduated, and I have about 3 years left. I have since gotten married and I have a two year old daughter named Paige.
Carroll High School ' 79
Southlake, TX
About My Personal Life Write me an email. I'd like to hear from the classmates that knew me. No Timeshare or life insurance sales please... :-)
Mesa High School ' 62
Mesa, AZ
About My Personal Life After High School I went to ASU for one year in EE and then joined the USAF. I served in AFTAC whose mission was Top Secret in those days, but now you can read about it on the internet. Presently I am a Sr. Characterization Engineer for On Semiconductor. I enjoy electronics, photography, silversmithing, metalworking, prospecting, fishing, and genealogy. I also enjoy the study of the Bible and Science.
North Buncombe High School ' 72
Weaverville, NC
About My Personal Life I married at 43, had my first child at 44, planning to have the second child at might say I am a late bloomer. I still occasionally play for rock and blues bands.
Fountain Valley High School ' 74
Fountain Valley, CA
About My Personal Life I'm the government editor at The Oklahoman, the newspaper in Oklahoma City.
Woodside High School ' 90
Woodside, CA
About My Personal Life I am living in Chandler, Az. I moved out to the Valley of Sun in 1998. I am married and have a son, Aaron. I am currently working for Qwest Communications as a Senior Account Manager.
Naperville Central High School ' 55
Naperville, IL
About My Personal Life Retired after 31 years of teaching. President of Condo Board, Maalaea, Maui, HI. Wife Alice and I play golf 3Xs a week. Both sing in church choir.
West Covina High School ' 61
West Covina, CA
About My Personal Life If anyone in the class of 1961 is still alive give a call
Billie Hicks
Carmela Manatad
Tasha Cox-brown
If I was a superhero superman
About My Personal Life I have nothing to say except people come and go and the people that really matter are the ones by my side. Some people are nice to your face and go digging behind your back The ones that get nosey and stupid can kiss my butt. Accept me for me as I am or go away and find a shell to climb under. I hate stupid people.
About My Personal Life im employed at lycoming county courthouse in the maintenance department currently reside in southwilliamsport and my email address is
Winston Jr-sr High School ' 88
Winston, MO
Univ Of Missouri, Kansas City ' 98
Kansas City, MO
Liberty, MO
Robert Jones
Bob Perry
Bobby Scuteri
Logan High School ' 73
Logan, UT
Univ Of Utah Medical School ' 84
Salt Lake Cty, UT
Univ Of Utah Medical School ' 80
Salt Lake Cty, UT
Logan, UT
Daryl Eng
Lorraine Gallegos
Sue Rhoads
Passaic Valley High School ' 85
Little Falls, NJ
Vernon, NJ
John Perry
Evergreen High School ' 79
Vancouver, WA
Univ Of Arizona ' 97
Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Amy Bronowicki
Laurel Highlands Sr High Sch ' 93
Uniontown, PA
Southern Virginia Univ ' 99
Buena Vista, VA
Brigham Young University, Idaho ' 98
Rexburg, ID
Sour Lake, TX
Ocean Springs, MS
Los Angeles, CA
Central Learning Center ' 79
Henderson, KY
Univ Of Kentucky ' 83
Lexington, KY
Franklin, KY
Lancaster Senior High School ' 83
Lancaster, OH
Ohio University, Lancaster ' 94
Lancaster, OH
Lancaster, OH
Dracut Senior High School ' 89
Dracut, MA
Dracut, MA
Manual High School ' 67
Denver, CO
Business/Tech Training Inst ' 81
Sacramento, CA
Long Beach, CA
Terre Haute South Vigo High School ' 85
Terre Haute, IN
Terre Haute, IN
Warren Hills Regional ' 69
Washington, NJ
Laura Perry
Arlington High School ' 91
Lagrangeville, NY
Brenda Golden
Mount Pleasant High School ' 71
Providence, RI
Barbara Forgue
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