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Places Lived
Marlette High School ' 05
Marlette, MI
Marlette, MI
Lapeer, MI
Daniel Schwarzentraub
How old are you? I am 21 years old right now.
Usa High School ' 96
Sebewaing, MI
Montcalm Cmty College ' 08
Sidney, MI
Unionville, MI
Ron Begeman
About My Personal Life Attending college currently
North Hardin High School ' 02
Radcliff, KY
Elizabethtown Cmty/Tech College, Fort Knox ' 04
Fort Knox, KY
Fort Knox, KY
Cassandra Dolt
Jonathon Reeves
John Reeves
About My Personal Life Happily married and proud mother of a 16 month old baby girl!
Cordova High School ' 04
Rancho Cordova, CA
American River College ' 08
Sacramento, CA
Antelope, CA
Scott Wilson
Tracy Kinnard
About My Personal Life I am currently going to American River and planning to transfer to get a degree in photography.
Verden High School ' 84
Verden, OK
Kaplan University, Davenport ' 07
Davenport, IA
Florence, CO
Frank Boswell
Donnie French
Brett Himes
About My Personal Life I live in Colorado right now and work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I started college over 2 years ago. I am studing criminal justice.
Southeast Whitfield Co Hs ' 04
Dalton, GA
Warner Robins, GA
Gulfport, MS
Chatsworth, GA
Getting married To my high school sweetheart, Jon Wilson!
Birth of my daughter Peyton Grace
Birth of my son Jackson Caleb
Cimarron High School ' 91
Cimarron, NM
Carlsbad, NM
Brewer (C.F.) High School ' 87
White Settlement, TX
Jennifer Wilson

Hello Brewer Bears!

I am married to Eric ( he came with me to our 10th High School reunion). We have a new home on the Eastern Shore, Maryland (outside of Annapolis, MD). We have a 4 year old son, Brooks. I have been a Flight Attendant for the last 16 years. I do lots of volunteer work with The Wings Foundation. ( My parents and brother still live in Texas and we visit alot. I love and miss Texas!

(I named one of cats- Texas!)

Freedom High School ' 94
Morganton, NC
Lees-mcrae College ' 06
Banner Elk, NC
Stephanie Bolen
Jessica Birchum
Diana Caldwell
About My Personal Life Why is this required? My personal life is my business. Besides, if you want to know anything about that, all you've got to do is ask me.
About My Work Life

Currently teaching 4th grade in Lenoir, NC. I love it, but I'm so ready for June 6th!


Columbus High School ' 93
Columbus, GA
Elizabeth Fox
About My School Life i liked high school but i'm not one who wants to do it over again. i loved college!
About My Personal Life i'm a stay at home mom that taught public school for 10 years. i'm loving staying home and helping my very busy husband be a youth pastor. we have some awesome students in our youth church. dave and i are best friends that got married. we have two beautiful daughters, samantha and hannah. hope to find some old dear friends.
Sam Rayburn High School ' 99
Pasadena, TX
Jacqueline Mccray
Angela Kamer
Kyle Price
About My Personal Life im looking for my real father and i need help i have always wanted to know him but never had the chance he blew my mom off and has never been seen since if you know him or think you might be him please contact me.............. my moms name was geneva johnson
Johnstown High School ' 91
Johnstown, NY
Tammy Fogg
About My Personal Life I am engaged to a great guy that I am marrying on October 15th of this year(2006). We have been together for 6 years and I can't imagine my life without him and his three beautiful children.
Find me on myspace. If you want to chat with me find me on myspace where you don't have to pay. My name is Jenn W or use my e-mail:
Lake Gibson High School ' 92
Lakeland, FL
Larry Marble
About My Personal Life Well, I am a very successful mother of 3 (all boys at that)... I have a great job and good friends and couldn't ask for much more than that.
Tecumseh Jr Sr High School ' 01
Lynnville, IN
Brandy Miller
About My Personal Life My husband Phillip Wilson is 23 years old and works at Deaconess Hospital as a System Engineer in the Telecom Department. I am currently a stay at home mom to our 2 month old daughter Brookelyn Anneliese Wilson. My husband and I have had a very good life so far and plan on moving to Evansville, IN as soon as our house is done being built.
Land O Lakes High School ' 96
Land O Lakes, FL
Heather Simon
About My Personal Life Russ and I have lived in Pittsburgh, PA for two years this summer. We are hoping to move back to Tampa in August. We just recently had a baby boy in February. Can't wait to see everyone at our 10 year reunion!
Central High School ' 89
San Angelo, TX
Todd Lehmann
Samuel Shelton
About My School Life Some of the laziest days of my life, that I would kill to get back!!!
About My Personal Life I was a special ed teacher for close to 8 years, but now I'm lucky enough to be able to stay home w/ my little boy.
About My Work Life
Payson Senior High School ' 94
Payson, UT
Raymond Opheikens
Debi Tea
About My Personal Life I am married with 2 children a 6 yr old son and a new born daughter.
Horizon Senior High School ' 92
Thornton, CO
David Hutton
Trisha Kimble
Jamey Mccarty
About My Personal Life Great for the most part! Kids are a handful!
Johnstown High School ' 91
Johnstown, NY
Barbara Mcspirit
Derek Sutherland
About My Personal Life

After 6 years togther Dan & I finally tied the knot. We had a beautiful ceremony and I was happy that his children could be a part of it.

Beaufort High School ' 88
Beaufort, SC
John Jenkins
Sanie Whalen
Jim Mickel
About My Personal Life same ole, same ole
Bakersfield High School ' 94
Bakersfield, CA
Lara Mendoza
Heather Culver
Larissa Menon
About My Personal Life After high school, I went to the University of Oregon and Minsk State Linguistic University in Belarus and got my degree in Political Science in 1998. I briefly returned to Bakersfield before joining the Peace Corps and teaching English in Western Ukraine for two years. I moved to Kharkiv, Ukraine in 2000 and spent four years working as the Kharkiv Office Director of American Councils for International Education. In 2004 I moved to Almaty, Kazakhstan and briefly worked as the Office Director for American Councils there. Since December 2004 I have been working in Kazakhstan as the Chief of Party for IFES (International Foundation for Election Systems). Mostly I work with educational and electoral development projects. I was in a serious relationship for awhile but generally I don't do the committment thing well. I travel a lot both for work and fun but I never manage to get back to Bakersfield. My latest obsession is Asia. I went to India recently and
Homestead High School ' 93
Cupertino, CA
Dionna Humphrey
About My Personal Life I recently had a little boy; on February 2, 2004. His name is Marcus and he is fabulous! Besides that I work part time and have been married for going on 7 years now!
Robert W Groves High School ' 97
Garden City, GA
Brandi Myers
About My Personal Life I am married to my high school boyfriend Ronald Wilson and we have 1 son Hunter, Ronnie is in the military and we are currently stationed in Maryland and I work as a Title Processor (Real Estate)...Hunter starts Kindergarten this year, boy how time flies!! Looking forward for the military career to end so we can settle somewhere and get started completing my life "to-do" list!!
Middleton High School ' 93
Charleston, SC
Alexis Papa
About My Personal Life I am a stay-at-home mom in Boston, Ma
Olathe East High School ' 97
Olathe, KS
Mike Ronsick
About My Personal Life Just graduated from OU Law- I was class president so I got to give a speech- pretty cool. Check out my web site- Hey all OE peops email me!!! By the way my parents have moved from Olathe- so quit going by the old house :)Jen
Troy High School ' 77
Fullerton, CA
Gary Scalzo
Victor Tomek
Janet Sparks
About My Personal Life Working and enjoying life in beautiful Lake Tahoe!
About My Work Life Yes I have the Monday to Friday grind, but I do work in one of the most beautiful places on Earth! I enjoy my lunches because I can go to the beach or go on a walk around the golf course while listening to my ipod. After 12 years in the same office I finally figuered out the best place for lunch :)
About My School Life Not there much!
Yellville-summit High School ' 91
Yellville, AR
Jason Brown
Kathy Lewis
John Keeling
About My Personal Life Currently, I am the CEO of an incredibly complicated family buisness called Wilson Systems. We specialize in child development, but we have had some major leaps forward in our stress managment field lately. ( actually, Stay-at-Home Mom/Housewife are the more common job titles for my position,but I don't those terms give it the recognition it deserves....Those of you who also hold this management postion know where of I speak.)
Grossmont High School ' 76
La Mesa, CA
Candice Reed
About My Personal Life law
Taylor Center High School ' 94
Taylor, MI
Andrea Martinez
About My Personal Life I moved up to Livonia after graduation and lost contact with alot of people. I attended college for two years and have decided to take time away from that for awhile. I have been married since March of '99. I have a beautiful daughter, Ariel, who was born in April of '98. I moved back to Taylor January 2001.
Aurora Central High School ' 98
Aurora, CO
Crystal Eubanks
Nikki Atkison
Michelle Dedie
About My Work Life I am going back to college and I am going to be getting married again in November.
About My Personal Life I was married to my first love. We had 2 Daughters. My yahoo ID is jenromano_2000 I am now divorcing my first love and moving on with my life. Well that was 5 years out of my life.
Langham Creek Senior High Sch ' 93
Houston, TX
Christina Lamastus
Deanna Mcadams
Tonya Sampson
About My Personal Life I hope everyone is doing well! Talk about a small world out there, I married Scotty Wilson (who was also a L.C.H.S. student) in '98. I recently graduated nursing school and I passed my state boards! Now I'm a RN working in labor & delivery!!! I never thought it would happen. I would love to hear from any of you, so drop me a line. Till then, take care.
Kern Valley High School ' 99
Lake Isabella, CA
Bryan Rains
Willie Sherrill
Amanda Weaver
About My Personal Life I'm still in the navy. I am now getting divorced and still have 2 kids (girl-aubrey- and boy-andrew). currently living in the evergreen state of washington.
Bret Harte Union High School ' 91
Angels Camp, CA
David Betts
Rebecca Warring
About My Personal Life I am living in beautiful Paso Robles, CA with my husband Chris and my two daughters. Torilynn (Victoria) is starting kindergarten in the fall and Mackenzie will be 2 in August. I spend my time chasing the girls, playing with my Rottweiler, running my home-based Public Relations and Marketing Firm, Henderson & Wilson Associates, and working part-time at the local health club. I got my degree in commuications in 1998, after a long haul as a military spouse, but wouldn't change a thing. I would love to touch base with any of my classmates.
Franklin Co High School ' 92
Frankfort, KY
About My Personal Life I have 3 children, ages 16, 13 and 6 - all of whom are girls!
Rowlett High School ' 00
Rowlett, TX
About My Work Life Thanks to my wonderful husband, I get to stay home with the kids.
About My Personal Life I am 25 yrs old and happily married. I have a 3 yr old son and a 1 year old daughter. Both of them are very beautiful.
East Lincoln High School ' 88
Denver, NC
Univ Of N Carolina, Charlotte ' 90
Charlotte, NC
About My Personal Life Just "peachy"!
Oceanside High School ' 81
Oceanside, CA
About My Personal Life I've lived in Chicago, IL on the southside since 2001. This city is huge! It's about the size from L.A. to the mexican border and as wide as the coast to Escondido or farther. I live a mile from Lake Michigan. I love the 4 seasons and the culture here. I do miss the variety of wild life at the beaches, the sunshine, my family members and friends.
New Bedford High School ' 03
New Bedford, MA
About My Personal Life I had my son at 16 and he changed my life.I don't let nobody take care of him he is by my side every day.
Henry D Sheldon High School ' 96
Eugene, OR
About My School Life I was a tall, kind of shy girl who people described as "nice" and "quiet". I was a little overweight with poufy curly hair and braces (dear Lord, yikes!). I'm happy to say that I have slimmed down, lost the braces, and tamed my unruly hair. Thank goodness. :) I was on the swim team and waterpolo team and I was in a few of the plays. My brother is Dusty (most people knew me as Dusty's sister - sad, I know). Hey, I would love to hear from anyone at Sheldon!
About My Personal Life Things are good! I'm living in sunny San Diego. Outside of work, I've been busy with my creative writing and I do some portrait drawing with charcoal. No kids but we have a great little cat named Yoshimi (any Flaming Lips fans out there who understand the name?) and a one year old kitten named Bruce. My husband, Blake, works for himself as a criminal defense attorney and runs a recording studio called Odyssey Sounds. Blake also manages and performs in two local music groups. We wer
Spencer Van Etten Jr Sr Hs ' 93
Spencer, NY
About My Personal Life Never a dull moment
Lake Mary High School ' 93
Lake Mary, FL
About My Personal Life ????
Tate High School ' 96
Gonzalez, FL
About My Personal Life Busy! Two baby girls!
T C Williams Sr High School ' 93
Alexandria, VA
About My School Life I was just glad to be out of there.
About My Personal Life I am living the life that I always wanted. I am so happy!
About My Work Life I taught preschool and Kindergarten full time for a number of years, worked on my Master's Degee. I am now a full time Mom and Teacher to my two children, and loving every minute of it!
Vernon Township High School ' 90
Vernon, NJ
About My Personal Life Married Ted Wilson from Vernon, I am a stay at home mom with two wonderful babies.(A little girl who is almost three and we just had a baby boy in April 2004)Life is great.
Seymour High School ' 92
Seymour, CT
Dunsmuir High School ' 92
Dunsmuir, CA
About My Personal Life Dunsmuir High School
San Juan High School ' 89
Citrus Heights, CA
About My Personal Life I live in Ohio with my 2 kids and the wonderful man in my life. I'm a Paramedic and going to nursing school.
Antioch Senior High School ' 95
Antioch, CA
About My Personal Life What a blast!
Longmeadow High School ' 84
Longmeadow, MA
About My Personal Life Longmeadow High School
Osceola High School ' 00
Kissimmee, FL
About My Personal Life Since the end of freshman year, my main residence has been in Florida. Check out my site: to get all my updates. All I can say is God is good. I am now working on my degree in ministry, at my church's new college.
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