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Places Lived
Lancaster High School ' 87
Lancaster, NY
P Shields
Michelle Pinchot
Shari James
About My Work Life I work in Neurology services where we assess patients who have been injured at work. Most of the patients that come in have some sort of brain, head & neck injury. It takes them about 3 weeks to go thru a full range of tests.
About My Personal Life I never listen to what people have to say and always would do the opposite. My life is happier now and as I get older I realize what matters the most. I work as a Program Assistant at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute in Neurology Services. My husband is in the I.T. industry and runs his own business on the side. My passion is still in the arts though. I'm looking to get into some "improvisational" work on the side soon. I also still like to draw and sketch(when I get around to it). I still have room for having lots of fun and adventure.
Massapequa High School ' 73
Massapequa, NY
About My Personal Life working as a head bookkeeper and back in college.
Univ Of Ca, Santa Barbara
Univ Of Ca Sa, CA
Claire Barnes
Brentwood High School ' 79
Brentwood, NY
James Island High School ' 88
Charleston, SC
Westville, NJ
West Deptford, NJ
West Deptford, NJ
John Joseph Shields
John Joseph Shields
John J Shields
Bakersfield, CA
Bakersfield, CA
Maria G Flores
Gonzalo Flores Flores
Esmeralda Valenica
Glenville, WV
Sand Fork, WV
Glenville, WV
Jacquelin Wilson
Clark Eugene Wilson
Robert Eugene Wilson
Lakeside, TX
Blum, TX
Teri Jean Shields
Misti L Coburn
Loretta J Jennings
Irwin, PA
Greensburg, PA
West Newton, PA
John Potter Shields
John Patrick Shields
Timothy K Shields
Fort Wainwright, AK
Columbus, GA
Fort Wainwright, AK
Agatha John
Seneca S Shields
Samuel T Shields