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Places Lived
Manchester West High School ' 87
Manchester , NH
Michelle Cruz
Kathy Harrison
Sandi Smith
About My Personal Life I am still single with no children. I'm a professional photographer, database admin, website developer, graphics designer, and .NET systems/application developer
About My School Life About my school life??... Other then being the oldest graduating member of the class of '87, I think back to those days and remember that I was mainly there there just to get through it and move on. I miss those simple days when all you worried about was getting assignments done and who were you taking out on a date that weekend... Although I was pretty shy in school I still managed to date quite alot..LOL
Randallstown High School ' 90
Randallstown , MD
About My Personal Life Joined the United States Marine Corps in 1994, now working as an Information Systems Officer at Miramar Air Station. Currently living near San Diego, CA. Have a beautiful wife (Tina) and daughter (Suzannah) who is now almost a year and a half old. Don't be afraid to drop me a line!
About My Personal Life Can't complain, seen the world love my wife and 2 daughters. I have expereinced many yhings in this world from the military thru my professional carreer but none compare to the birth of my 2 girsls Sarah and Emily..
About My Work Life Received commendations and awards from the US Marine Corps, Have citations for bravery in the line of duty, volunteer with FEMA on the Search and Rescue Task Force, I am a firearms instructor in the reserves and love helping the community for which I live.
About My School Life I enjoyed school life, I kept quiet and did my thing. I had alot of family issues to resolve and when I saw the opportunity to get away from it all, I proudly served my country and finished college where I am now working on my Masters majoring in Forensic Science..
Manchester West High School ' 79
Manchester , NH
Southern New Hampshire University ' 84
Manchester , NH
Hesser College, Manchester ' 82
Manchester , NH
Fort Pierce, FL
Goffstown, NH
Brian Jenkins
Yorktown High School ' 91
Yorktown Heights , NY
Suny-oswego ' 95
Oswego , NY
Carrie Lent
Saratoga High School ' 83
Saratoga , CA
Mira Loma High School ' 01
Sacramento , CA
Hilton High School ' 87
Hilton , NY
Ballwin, MO
Michelle Lynn Wenzel
Alan W Wenzel
Joseph A Wenzel
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Patricia L Wenzel
Keri L Bartels
Donald Charles Wenzel
East Lansing, MI
Spring Lake, MI
Judith G Wenzel
Joseph Patrick Wenzel
John D Wenzel
Sidney, MT
Sidney, MT
Sidney, MT
Kimberly N Wenzel
Audra K Herman
Karla E Mischel
Dunellen, NJ
Runnemede, NJ
Jacob G Wenzel
Timothy J Wenzel
Jeffrey Forrest Wenzel
Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Youngstown, OH
Eileen Marie Yates
Patrick Baker
Patrick E Baker
Rapid City, SD
Peoria, AZ
Avondale, AZ
Eva L Wenzel
Pamela Lynn Wenzel
Kay E Wenzel