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Holmes High School ' 86
Covington, KY
Becky Kaluhiokalani
Natalie Courtney
Kim Mckillips
Birth of my daughter Once upon a time ago, in ages of old, when knights were bold and i was still young and in my Prime; i did some major damage to myself getting freaky deaky. Anyway,it caused a dbl hernia with a twisted testical.Soooo, 14yrs later i get another hernia only to be told that they did not take both out the 1st time. They take the pre-existing one out telling me they don't take both unless it is life threatening. They tell me i have 25% chance of ever having kids. 2 weeks later my wife is in the hospital dr office getting checked out for being sick. When asked what the odds were of being pregnant we said none. he ran a test anyway and says SURPRISE. In shock and overjoyed I went running out of the office and down the hospital halls yelling " IT WORKS! IT WORKS! " LOL. 2 more hernias, another surgery, and 9yrs later; my baby boy was born. again against the odds. Dr said he was a 2% chance. WOW ! To me that is one hell of a story! and it's all TRUE !!!
Charlottesville, VA
Falmouth, MA
Bristol, VA
Priscilla L Gosney
Laura Litchfield Walker
Gerald Bruce Gosney