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Interboro High School ' 01
Prospect Park, PA
About My Personal Life i have recently heard there was a rumor about me that i was dead, well guess what im not.. Come one people we arent in high school anymore please stop with the rumors. thankyou
About My Work Life I was a store manager for a while but i had to leave so i could care for my son
About My School Life School life was filled with rumors and drama. We are all now in our 20's so i hope we all grew up a little
Wauconda Cmty High School ' 98
Wauconda, IL
About My Personal Life I think Michael Jordan is the best athlete ever. That is why I had #1MJFAN printed on my ass for Whitewash during Homecoming. I never missed an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer during high school. I still love to watch the show every Tuesday at 7pm followed by Angel at 8pm. Currently, I am attending UIUC and I am planning on changing my major to business from computer engineering. With any luck I will continue to be a part of the softball team for the 2001 season, when we actually have a field to have home games on!
M B Lamar High School ' 95
Arlington, TX
About My Personal Life Living in Kansas City, MO for five years for my orthopedic surgery residency.........
About My Personal Life I had a beautiful baby boy on Jan 18, 2005.. His name is Cody Joseph and he weighed 7lbs 9 oz. He was 21 inches long
Central High School ' 04
San Angelo, TX
San Angelo, TX
Quintin Thomas
Karen Gigger
Candice Smith