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Thrall Jr Sr High School ' 54
Thrall, TX
About My Personal Life I never attended any school in Thrall, Texas. The only reason I "tuned in" to your school was to search for an early playmate of mine in Williamson County in the Shillo (sp?)area near Taylor where I lived in early childhood. Her name was Betty Rae Heffner. (I am not certain of the spelling of her last name.) I know she was born sometime in 1932. That would put her in the class of 1949 or 1950, depending on whether she started school at age 6 or 7. I don't know where she graduated. She did attend the early grades of elementary school in Thrall. I don't know if she continued her schooling in Thrall, however. I'm told she got married, but don't know her married name. All of my contacts who would know are now dead. As for me, I graduated in 1954 from Luther Burbank in San Antonio, Texas, so don't be racking your brains trying to remember which classmate I was--I never existed in your reality! Sincerely, Gwen Lindsey Meharg
Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth, TX
David Alan Meharg
Ruth C Meharg