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Arts High School ' 83
Newark, NJ
Rutgers University, Newark ' 95
Newark, NJ
Newark, NJ
Deidre Johnson Woods
Where are they now?

I am looking for you, but you are no where to  be found

I am searching hard, but you are no where around

Step after step, but I cannot find who i seek

I scream out in horror, but I have no voice to speak

I'll find you one day, because I don't give up

I am filled with preservearance, I have more than enough


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Paul Laurence Dunbar High Sch ' 84
Fort Worth, TX
Constance Scott
About My Personal Life

I am married to wonderful lady still,my daughter is now 7 years old and my son will be a senior this school year,WOW time has flown.I am still working for the STATE OF TEXAS,THANK YOU JESUS 17 YEARS NOW WOW!!!!SmileBut the most,i'm still that same old Greg.

Samuel W Wolfson High School ' 94
Jacksonville, FL
About My Personal Life I'm currently in school for graphic arts right now. I don't want the whole world.... just a little piece!!
Tabb High School ' 96
Yorktown, VA
About My Personal Life Freelance recording engineer in Nashville, TN
Rancho High School ' 77
North Las Vegas, NV
About My Personal Life United States Marine
Mattoon High School ' 92
Mattoon, IL
About My Personal Life Living in Houston now and working for a Bank in the Securities Industry. Still having fun, I'm too young not to...there are still women I have yet to Sandra Bullock and Alyssa Milano. Just playing I already met them. NO, not really just playin again. I moved down here right after graduation and went to the University of Houston but still have to get a couple more hours to graduate there. By the way, in the south if you're talking about wrastlin' you're talkin' WWf or WCW, which was major let down since I loved that sport. I hope any of ya'll who see this won't hesitate to say "Hey". Well, here's an update(11-16-2000). I passed the Series 7 and 63 License Exams in August '00. Thats a pretty big deal, you can't vend/advise people about investing without them. So I am officially a "Stock Broker". I still have to make my first commission and to be honest, I don't think
Alton Central School ' 00
Alton, NH
About My Personal Life Hey! Great to see you on this web site! E-Mail me anytime, we will chat. I'll try to get the scoop on some of the others. Will be glad to hear from you.
Thompson High School ' 80
Thompson, ND
Univ Of North Dakota ' 87
Grand Forks, ND
West Lafayette, IN
Ingrid Thorson
Marylou Schlegel
Samuel W Wolfson High School ' 72
Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Denton High School ' 94
Denton, TX
Erika Moody
Betsy Aguirre