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Memorial High School ' 99
Madison, WI
About My Personal Life I graduated high school through SWS, If it wasn't for SWS I would have either dropped out or I would be a "Doctor of High school" if you know what i mean. I hated High school, except for Junior and Senior Year!!! I never exceled in anything at school, memorial was all about favorites, if you were a teacher's favorite then you had no worries, but if you ever got in trouble with the law or started shit with another teacher, all, I mean All of them would turn against you. I would have to say my main interest in high school was smoking Herbals, booming, the social aspect and pussy!! Oh yah not to mention Skateboarding!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tulare Union High School ' 61
Tulare, CA
About My Personal Life Retired CDF Fire Assistant Chief. Currently I am an on call disaster response & recovery specialist for North Tree Fire International & for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).