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Atlanta High School ' 85
Atlanta , TX
About My Personal Life I have been maried for 7 years and my husband Richie and I live in Lancaster,Texas. We have no children and don't plan on any. We do have a dog however,named Kellie. I've worked mental health crisis for about 5 years in Dallas and my husband has a family practice in Dallas/Ft.Worth. I don't get home often, maybe every 2-3 months. I would really like to hear from you guys so when I am home I could contact those still in Atlanta. I hope everyone is well and doing fine.
Germantown High School ' 82
Philadelphia , PA
Frenchglen, OR
Burns, OR
Bend, OR
Kevin M Belcher
Keith E Belcher
Glowie P Belcher
Orlando, FL
Altamonte Springs, FL
Orlando, FL
Tina L Belcher
Ronald R Belcher
Edward Harley Ray
Danbury, NC
Walnut Cove, NC
Walnut Cove, NC
Robert Willas Belcher
Edward L Stjude
Rose M Fenstermacher
Asheboro, NC
Freeburn, KY
Freeburn, KY
Dave J Belcher
Jessica Renee Belcher
David J Belcher
Vansant, VA
Grundy, VA
Amherst, VA
Ralph E Belcher
Shannon Belcher
Evelyn C Belcher
Westerville, OH
Columbus, OH
David G Belcher
Lee Edward Belcher
Talco, TX
Talco, TX
Gregory D Belcher
Syble Jo Whitney
Amanda Brook Franks