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Glenbard East High School ' 78
Lombard, IL
About My School Life was like one giant party. Ya know I'm glad I had many of the experiences I did in H.S. - I just wish I had stuck more to the schooling and furthered my education. Yet the partying did help me in my adult life. I do NOT party at all any longer and haven't for years. To me there's no point. Yet it assisted me when my son was growing up. I know what to look for -- when to "hold 'em, when to fold 'em"..... it now helps me w/ my 14 y.o. step daughter. Oy vey...she is a handful...but worth it.
About My Work Life I worked in healthcare until I became perm. disabled. Actually in upper administration in healthcare - and I loved it. This was fast paced - just the way I liked it.
About My Personal Life It's been up and down... lots of joy, lots of sadness. I suppose everybody feels that way sometimes.
Sun City Center, FL
Sarona, WI
Sarona, WI
Thomas N Lamson
Stuart N Lamson