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Places Lived
Middleton Jr Sr High School ' 75
Middleton , TN
Norma Yelverton
Belinda Cooper
24 hours to live I would spend my time making sure all the people in my life know how much I love them and how much I appreciate their influence on my life.  I would want to say good-bye to my family and friends and to reassure them of a reunion day in heaven, if they know the Lord.  I would want to encourage them to be sure they have given their hearts to Jesus and to know for sure that we will meet again.  I would also put some time into making sure all my personal business is in order so that I wouldn't leave loose ends for my husband or extended family to worry about.  I would go to the funeral directors and make my arrangements so that my family wouldn't have to face that.
What I would do if I found my hated next-door neighbours' wallet I would return it with all contents in tact.  I may dislike some people or their ways, but I do not hate anyone and I try never to base my actions on destructive emotions.
What I want to say to the world Jesu
Stagg High School ' 75
Stockton , CA
Terrie Rond
David Dixon
Thomas Warren
What are your top 3 flavors of ice cream? What only 3???  Oh lord!
Port Jervis High School ' 80
Port Jervis , NY
About My Personal Life I have 2 (almost grown) sons and have been living in Florida since 1987. I'm an RN in charge of pediatrics.
Middleton Jr Sr High School ' 75
Middleton , TN
Jackson State Cmty College ' 92
Jackson , TN
Middleton, TN
Bolivar, TN
Milan, TN
Martha Whitley