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Places Lived
Altavista High School ' 01
Altavista , VA
About My Personal Life I Love Dana
Cedar Crest High School ' 79
Lebanon , PA
About My Personal Life Maried to a wonderful wife, 3 great children, 2 in college living in Iowa-own my own Business, travel,
William Chrisman High School ' 91
Independence , MO
About My Personal Life i made my dreame come true
Aiken High School ' 74
Aiken , SC
About My Personal Life Married (twice). Currently live in Atlanta. Three grandpunks. Son lives in Hollyweird...
Dalton High School ' 74
Dalton , GA
About My Personal Life Loving Life, would like to hear from anyone that Knows me , I live in Tn. with 4 Kids in diff. Colleges,1 in high School. it must have been in the water , lol;. David
Bloomington High School ' 03
Bloomington , IL
About My Personal Life i have twoi jobs one where i am making 50,000 a year and another making 35,000 a year
Wilbur D Mills Univ Studies Hs ' 83
Little Rock , AR
About My Personal Life I'm still alive!!!
North Arlington High School ' 79
North Arlington , NJ
About My Personal Life GREAT !!!
Palestine High School ' 81
Palestine , TX
About My Personal Life I am a pastor in Waxahachie, Texas
Nathan Hale High School ' 70
Seattle , WA
About My Personal Life I'm alive
Ossining High School ' 68
Ossining , NY
About My Personal Life Retired from the US Army and the Scarsdale, NY Police Department. Married to Kathy Foley, class of 1968 for over 30 years.
Jamestown High School ' 86
Jamestown , NY
About My Personal Life I'am working on my associate degree in computer networking, planning to move to atlanta,g.a. after graduation.
Claremore Senior High School ' 90
Claremore , OK
About My Personal Life I'm still out here.
Toombs Co High School ' 95
Lyons , GA
About My Personal Life nothing
Severna Park Senior High Sch ' 69
Severna Park , MD
About My Personal Life work for a printing co.,make alot of your junk mail.
Eisenhower High School ' 61
Decatur , IL
About My Personal Life notta
Jena High School ' 81
Jena , LA
About My Personal Life I moved from Jena my freshman year, but had many friends from 4th grade through freshman year.
South River Senior High School ' 86
Edgewater , MD
West Lafayette Jr Sr High Sch ' 88
West Lafayette , IN
About My Personal Life Currently on Holiday in London, England / Paris & Rouen, France 11/06/01-11/27/01 visiting with old friend, Patrick Greives & his wife, Natalie, who met in Barbados and live in London.
Arthur L Johnson High School ' 88
Clark , NJ
About My Personal Life As many know, I went in the Air Force after graduation, and became a jet engine mechanic and went to Japan. When I got out, I attended the Cittone Institute in Edison NJ and completed a 2 yr degree in electronic and computer repair technology with a light emphasis on robotics. In the meantime I fathered a beautiful daughter named Megan, and worked for a local heating contractor in Rahway. I continued working there after graduation for a total of 7 yrs, and moved to Colorado. I currently work for a major mechanical contractor on the front range between Boulder and Colorado Springs as a self proclaimed hydronic and radiant heating expert and Journeyman pipefitter. My hobbies still include computers as well as freeskiing, which I took up when I was 21, and much of my "free" time is spent doing research in consciousness studies, religion, philosophy and science. I am not married and have no plans to wed in the near
Currituck Co High School ' 84
Barco , NC
About My Personal Life I was in the Air Force for 12 years, the last 8 at Langley, AFB. I have remarried and live in Sugar Land, Texas (Houston). I have 2 daughters, 14& 11, and 2 step children, daughter 12 & son 8. I work for an aviation company in Houston. I love my wonderful family, children and above all, I love to play golf.
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School ' 93
Lexington , KY
About My Personal Life Currently working in the software field, developing examination software for medical certification through my company Heavy Hammer Incorporated (incorporated in '00 with my old friend Adam Heinz). Married in December 2000.
Woonsocket Senior High School ' 97
Woonsocket , RI
About My Personal Life After winning a dance contest in 1997, David Brown graduated High School and attended the University of Rhode Island, where he studied journalism. David now lives in Chicago for personal reasons and because he goes to grad school at Northwestern University. David is a wicked punk.
Cazenovia Jr Sr High School ' 90
Cazenovia , NY
About My Personal Life Outside Sales.
Edison Senior High School ' 77
Stockton , CA
About My Personal Life After graduating from high school. My music career took me to places like Korea, Japan, Phillipines, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska & Las Vegas. . Now, I am pursuing a single artist career and I am currently working on my first CD that will be out soon. I'm looking forward to seeing all my fellow soul vikings..........
Montebello High School ' 79
Montebello , CA
About My Personal Life 2 years w/Mrs.Lebow working on SCRIBE.
Alvarado High School ' 97
Alvarado , TX
About My Personal Life Took up the art of turntablism and currently have 3 mix releases.
Coconut Creek High School ' 99
Coconut Creek , FL
About My Personal Life I was apart of FBLA and DECA.
Washington High School ' 83
Sioux Falls , SD
About My Personal Life I am a firefighter in California.
Howell High School ' 82
Howell , MI
About My Personal Life We had our first child in 2000. I run in the Howell Mellon Run every year. (It is the Friday of the Festival....)
Pampa High School ' 89
Pampa , TX
About My Personal Life Hey everybody. My partner, Mike Walton, and me are living in beautiful Seattle Washington. I am working as a Corporate Recruiter and have been for the last five years. I try to get out to hike and camp as often as I can and Mike and I have just taken up the mountain bike. I would love to hear from you, drop me a line anytime.
St Thomas High School ' 73
Houston , TX
About My Personal Life Graduated from Texas A&M in May, 1977 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.
Parkersburg High School ' 92
Parkersburg , WV
Lakeview High School ' 83
Stoneboro , PA
About My Personal Life I'm working for a School in Pittsburgh, playing in a band, gotta web based business and doing alot of mountian biking...............far out!
Prescott High School ' 63
Prescott , AZ
About My Personal Life I'm married to Magaly Guerrero (class of 1965) (she goes by Molly now). We will celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary in July Hawaii. We have 2 children. Our daughter Laura, her husband Randy (who is in the Air Force) and their four children - Mason (12), Jordan (11), Colton (5), and Logan (4) live in San Angelo, TX. Our son Michael, his wife Jessica both work for Home Depot and live in Atlanta, GA. Their first child, Rebecca Rose, was born April 14, 2003. Following graduation from PHS I graduated form NAU with a BS in Electronics and went to work for Arizona Public Service Company (APS - the major electric utility company in Arizona) in '67 as an engineer doing computer programming. Later, I began managing large computer projects and was manager of compute operations. I retired after 35 years from Pinnacle West Capital Corporation (the parent company of APS) in December, 2003 as a Project Execu
Berkeley High School ' 86
Berkeley , CA
About My Personal Life part of the cooking club
Ridgefield High School ' 89
Ridgefield , CT
About My Personal Life I spent too many years in Ohio and decided to stay when I met my wife Julie in college. We were married in July of 97' and have two huge dogs, Jack and Jill who keep us busy enough to think twice about children. (Although they are on the horizon) Love life in Cleveland, but I'll always be a yankee!
Centerville Abington Senior Hs ' 80
Centerville , IN
About My Personal Life I am still Active in Songwritting and submitting to Record company's working on that first hit
Thomas Jefferson High School ' 88
Port Arthur , TX
About My Personal Life Though we moved after my sophomore year and I graduated elsewhere, I thought two years was enough to put myself in here too. My parents are actually moving back to Port Neches and my dad is going to be the pastor for the United Methodist Temple in Port Arthur starting in June, 2000. Send me an email if you're still in the area.
Wills Point High School ' 88
Wills Point , TX
About My Personal Life Now married and practicing law in Dallas. I primarily represent businesses and doctors in civil lawsuits.
Morris Hills High School ' 90
Rockaway , NJ
About My Personal Life a plus computer repare tech
Amarillo High School ' 95
Amarillo , TX
About My Personal Life After a short stay in Amarillo where I worked at the now defunct Electric BeansTalk Cafe' (kickin place if you ever went there), I moved to St. Louis to work in the computer industry. I am currently the Chief Technologist at a workforce development corporation called Yellowbrick Technologies. IF you are ever in the area, and you happen to know who I am, then you can call, and hopefully, I will remember who you are.
Calais High School ' 75
Calais , ME
About My Personal Life Married to Donna Perkins-WHS class of "75".Living in Woodland, Me.Home of the Bluedevilslayers!
Norwood Senior High School ' 86
Norwood , MA
About My Personal Life After high school I served four years in the Army, stationed in Germany(Cool!) and Kansas(Yuck!). Afterward I attended Norhteastern University, graduating in 1994 with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. I floated around for a while and landed a job with the Barnstable County Sheriffs Department. I worked there for two years and didn't like it and decided to become a history teacher. I moved to Texas where there is a teacher shortage, took a job in a local High School managing a disciplinary class room, (can you say Mr. Petersen), and going to school part-time working on my certification. Portrait of a slacker as a teacher.
Belleville High School-east ' 87
Belleville , IL
About My Personal Life Married 6 Yrs with 2 girls(5,3) SSG(E-6)in the Military. I joined the Army in Jan. 1990
Vineland South Senior High Sch ' 85
Vineland , NJ
About My Personal Life I attended Vineland H.S. during the 83/85 school year before moving to GA. Kind of lost touch with everyone. I live in Virginia now and work in the semiconductor industry. I have been happily married for five years (no kids yet) and my wife, Sue, is a elementary school reading specialist. I would love to hear from anyone who was in South Pacific or the choir during the time I was there or from anyone else who may remember me.
Clinton High School ' 85
Clinton , IA
About My Personal Life I was only at Clinton High School during the 82/83 year. I moved to New Jersey after that. I was able to join the choir the following year in D.C, for competition. Just wondering if anyone is still out there that I may have known.
Windsor School ' 90
Flushing , NY
About My Personal Life I'm married (6 years). I have a BSW (Social Work). I still live in New York, and I'm trying to find all my old buddies from school. Mike Junco, Kenneth DeLeon, Cherry Robinson, and anyone else I was tight with.......write me!
Pleasant Valley Sr High School ' 74
Chico , CA
About My Personal Life I'm living in the Tampa Bay area now, working as a Captain for American Airlines, and chauffeuring 3 active kids around town on my days off! Always seems to be gymnastics, soccer, or roller hockey going on somewhere. Still married to Jaye, who most of you met at our reunion, and enjoying life.
South Garland High School ' 70
Garland , TX
About My Personal Life My brother Gary and I own "Brown's Auto Repair", drop by and say hello, it's on the corner of Beltline and Shiloh, in Garland,Tx.
Grand Island Sr High School ' 65
Grand Island , NE
About My Personal Life I have been living in Denver since the fall of '70, drawn to the mountains and especially skiing. In 72 married to Marcia Huismann - Central Catholic '68 - still together. I spent 6 yrs teaching High School and coaching Gymnastics before switching to computers. After some 15 years as a programmer, got into database administration. I would love to hear from any of my classmates!
Pinelands Reg High School ' 87
Tuckerton , NJ
About My Personal Life Married to Carrie Stuck, we now have three kids, Jimmy Jenna and Danielle
Sam Houston High School ' 79
Arlington , TX
About My Personal Life I met my wife in '92 in church and married almost immediately. I have three children and am extremely happy in life.
Westlake High School ' 84
Westlake Village , CA
About My Personal Life After High School, I graduated from the Univ. of Texas at Austin. Then I then moved to Sacramento, CA for Navigator/Electronic Warfare Training for 1 year. After that I spent 6 years in Omaha, NE flying for the Air Force all over the world to cool places like England, Saudi, Turkey, Greece, and Japan. During this time I earned a Master of Arts in Economics from the Univ. of Oklahoma at Norman on base in NE. After seeing most of the world, in 1996 I decided to spend more time with the family, so my wife and I left the Air Force and moved to Plano, TX (near Dallas) to work for Texas Instruments Defense Segment. Of course TI quickly sold us to Raytheon after one year and then transferred us both to Tucson, AZ in 1999. The good part is my parents already lived in Tucson. Not too many people get transferred back to their parents! I have been married since 1988 to my wife Susan and we have two boys, named Austin (8) and
Big Spring High School ' 96
Big Spring , TX
About My Personal Life I graduated from Howard Payne in May 2000, and I'm now at Baylor getting my Master's in Sports Administration. I've got a cool job as a grad assistant helping run the intramural program here. Drop me a line if you're ever passing through Waco. Peace.
Coronado High School ' 94
Scottsdale , AZ
About My Personal Life I was supposed to pick all the clubs that I wasn't in, right? What I am doing now: 1. Eating a cookie. 2. Living in Seattle 3. Telling every one I can about how much better it is to live in a state where not everyone is angry and armed. 4. Pissing off the locals and giving them guns. That's about it for now.
Wapakoneta High School ' 81
Wapakoneta , OH
About My Personal Life Can you believe that I have six kids! I miss all of my old buddies. Kimi and I are looking forward to the next reunion! See you there.
Candor Jr Sr High School ' 78
Candor , NY
About My Personal Life *SMILES*
Apopka High School ' 87
Apopka , FL
About My Personal Life Graduated from Evangel University with a BS in Physical Education. I have been teaching for the last five years. Married in May 2000. Moved to Pennsylvania in August 2000. Currently teaching and coaching in Bethlehem, PA. Contact me at:
West High School ' 64
Anchorage , AK
About My Personal Life Like music composition. I work for Fed Govt, 17 years & 5 colleges, now a Physician, Photography nut, HAM call is al0m, Raleigh-North Carolina, single-hetero, poor but happy, no debt, no baggage. I have completed 1964 and 1963 Annual on CDROM, working on 1967. New email address No place to change it in the "update profile" :-)
Tuscola High School ' 97
Waynesville , NC
About My Personal Life Well after my 21 kid I thought to myself man that is a lot of kids. So the next day......why the hell am I talking about this? Anyway I am not sure about anything. All I know is that you better watch out for that crazy special sauce that McDonalds puts on their Big Macs. That stuff sucks. And while i sit here and look back at my life all i see is a lot of smoke.
Trenton High School ' 74
Trenton , MI
About My Personal Life Since High school I have graduated from college (BSCS), spent six years in the Air Force working on aircraft electronics, married a wonderful woman, Suzanne Ardussi, have two children, ages 8 years(Ann Marie) and 4 months(Ryan Patrick). I have worked for the V.A. and University of Maryland, in Chicago and Tokyo respectively. I am currently working for Smiths Industries in Grand Rapids, Michigan as an Oracle database administrator.
Crossett Senior High School ' 80
Crossett , AR
About My Personal Life USAF stationed at Hill AFB, Utah
South Kitsap High School ' 88
Port Orchard , WA
About My Personal Life Left SKHS in 1986 and actually graduated from Stevenson High School in Stevenson, WA. Most of my friends would know me from South.
Poquoson High School ' 93
Poquoson , VA
About My Personal Life I graduated from William and Mary in 1996 with a BA in Anthropology. I attended Graduate School at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, in History/Historical Archaeology. I'm turning in my masters thesis in August and continue to work part time at Colonial Williamsburg with their department of Archaeological Research.
Middlesex High School ' 79
Saluda , VA
About My Personal Life I moved to Plantation Florida in my senior year and missed out on all the fun at Middlesex. My senior class in Florida had 500 people (the high school had over 2200). I lettered on the Dive Team at Plantation High and went on to the University of Florida after graduation, where I majored in Economics. I got an MS degree in Environmental Science and I am currently coordinating habitat conservation plans for eleven National Wildlife Refuges in northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia. I'm also a professional wetlands scientist and I am in the process of writing and editing several manuscripts. I married a French winemaker last year (Valerie Dominique Masseboeuf) and on March 11, 2000, we had our first child Chloe Elyse.
Plantation High School ' 79
Plantation , FL
About My Personal Life Actually, I lettered on the Dive Team, but there was no selection available for that sport. I didn't come to Plantation until my senior year and I didn't have many friends there. I went to University of Florida and majored in Economics. I got an MS degree in Environmental Science and I am currently coordinating habitat conservation plans for eleven National Wildlife Refuges in northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia. I married a French winemaker last year (Valerie Dominique Masseboeuf) and on March 11, 2000, we had our first child Chloe Elyse. Life is great!
Fruita Monument High School ' 60
Fruita , CO
About My Personal Life Who is still alive and do they have a good life?
Bullitt East High School ' 82
Mount Washington , KY
About My Personal Life treachers
Quincy Jr Sr High School ' 90
Quincy , CA
About My Personal Life Recently moved back to California after seven (7) years in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Have a newborn baby born in August, 1999 and have been married since 1993. Practice as a Civil Engineer/Hydrologist near the Lake Tahoe / Sacramento area and compete internationally in the Highland Games (stone throwing, caber tossing, etc). Best wishes to all!
Archbishop Riordan High School ' 72
San Francisco , CA
About My Personal Life I have a successful business in Roseville, CA. I have been a Certified Financial Planner for the past 15+ years that has allowed me to pursue my passion. I am a varsity baseball coach at Granite Bay HS - currently the pitching coach. A few years ago, our team ended up having the best record in the State (30- 1) We have several of our graduates playing collegiately and a coupler who have signed pro contracts that we are very proud of. I have two kids in college and two teenaged daughters at home who I enjoy spending what little free time I have with.
Farmington High School ' 71
Farmington , NM
About My Personal Life I'm newly remarried 2 years. I have two beautiful daughters, 15 and 17. I market insurance products and am a part-time brain surgeon. Doing well here in Southern California. By the way, this is kind of a neat site.
Pewitt High School ' 57
Omaha , TX
About My Personal Life I am retired on disability from Mt. View College in Dallas. Married to Sandra Blue from Atlanta and we now live on the family farm in Naples. Love to ride 4-wheeler, deer hunt and visit for First Baptist Church, Naples. God is good! Amen!
West Hancock High School ' 94
Britt , IA
About My Personal Life I am married to Erin Betten of Britt and we have two boys together their names are Logan & Clayton
Ft Osage High School ' 98
Independence , MO
About My Personal Life i am in pharmacy school and i love all sports
Howard High School ' 97
Ellicott City , MD
About My Personal Life Im still in the army....Just a few more years to go...If you want go ahead and send me an email...Thanks bye
Alta Loma High School ' 92
Alta Loma , CA
About My Work Life Work is great! I don't see myself leaving this field until The world is cured!!!!!!!!!!
About My Personal Life I am currently a Medical Technician.
About My School Life It was good while it lasted, but from then until now I have done a lot of growing up!
Springfield High School ' 66
Springfield , PA
About My Personal Life Retired. Married 27 years. Two boys: ages 17 (Junior @ Germantown Academy) & 18 (Freshman @ U. PENN - Wharton Business School) We are all enjoying life :-)
Westchester Senior High School ' 90
Los Angeles , CA
About My Personal Life The more things change, the more things stay the same.
About My Work Life Defensive Backs Coach at Ohio University
Geneva High School ' 75
Geneva , NY
About My Personal Life Married to wife Nancy, one 16yr. old son, Geoff who is currently a Congressional Page. Industrial sales manager for LOCTITE corp. City Councilman -city of Elmira.
Mayville High School ' 80
Mayville , WI
About My Personal Life Living in Mayville with Barb & our four children. Michelle, Michael, Daniel, & Dennis. I work as a Key Account Rep in Inside Sales for Tab Products and Barb works in Beaver Dam as an RN. Barb & I still enjoy Motorcyling & Camping. The kids well they are in to many things to name. Hope to hear from you soon!
Chattahoochee High School ' 96
Alpharetta , GA
About My Personal Life Back in Atlanta, doing technical development for UPS Capital in the Perimeter area, and still enrolled at Georgia State University.
Atwater High School ' 94
Atwater , CA
About My Personal Life I'm still in the Air Force stationed at Davis- Monthan AFB Tucson AZ. My wife Stacy and I married 2 January 1999 and my son Logan was born on 27 Jun 2002. He looks so much like his mother thank god. I'm currently a Cisco Certified Network Associate and I'm working on my next level of Cisco certification. With all the crap going on in the Middle East I may be leaving my family for awhile. Times are so uncertain. The only thing keeping my sane are my wife and son whom I love more than anything. I hope everyone else has accomplished what we all dreamed of in high school.
East Forsyth High School ' 88
Kernersville , NC
About My Personal Life My wife, Kristi, and I live in Stokesdale, NC. I recently became an Agent with the Greensboro/Guilford County ABC Law Enforcement Division. Since high school, I have moved around and seen a lot of the country, but ended up coming back home. I'd love to hear from anyone from the old days, although you probably wouldn't recognize me these days!
Tracy High School ' 64
Tracy , CA
About My Personal Life Hi! I have lived in Sacramento for the past 32 + years and I am sad to say that I have lost contact with a lot of good High School friends. I hope everyone is in good health and is doing well. I have been very fortunate. I have a great wife, Rosie, of thirty + years and three children. David, a biologist, and his wife Tesi are PHD students at UCLA, Sara and her husband Codi are admissions counselors at a university, and our youngest Heather is a resent graduate from Cal Poly SLO and is a MIS consultant. All great kids, and we miss them when we don't see them. Rosie is a first grade teacher and I have worked in construction design for most of my 32 years at the local electric company. Although we do miss our kids, we are adjusting well to the empty nest syndrome.
Rio Linda High School ' 93
Rio Linda , CA
About My Personal Life I will graduate in the year 2000 with a B.S. in Agricultural Business Degree. I am an active Professional Rodeo Cowboy rodeoing in CA, Nev, OR, and ID.
Dixie Hollins High School ' 79
St Petersburg , FL
About My Personal Life Currently living in Colorado where I settled after a hitch in the Navy. My wife Crystal is a Yankee(though she is from SOUTH Dakota!) We've been married for nearly 13 years and have three children, two boys (Kevin and Eric) and a new little girl (Hannah). Coaching Kevin's soccer team and changing diapers have replaced cruising the beaches and all night fishing/beer drinking with the guy's, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Amazing how life changes when you say "I Do".
Northern High School ' 95
Owings , MD
About My Personal Life I am attending Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee.
Warrensburg High School ' 68
Warrensburg , MO
About My Personal Life We are living in Sugar Land, Texas. I am a VP for an oilfield service company based in Houston. We enjoyed Alaska for many years and spent almost 7 in the Far East living in Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. We still travel a great deal and enjoy seeing new places.
Swartz Creek High School ' 68
Swartz Creek , MI
About My Personal Life Graduated U of M, NYC resident for 17 years, Computer Graphics Production Artist, singleHow is everyone?
Mt Pleasant High School ' 82
San Jose , CA
About My Personal Life I'm an ordained minister, an author, and I am currently teaching math at Independence High School.
Lumpkin Co High School ' 84
Dahlonega , GA
About My Personal Life For those of you who may not recognize my name, I went by "Tim" in high school. I prefer to use my middle name, David. I earned a BS in Psychology from North Ga. College in 1991. My wife and I are members of the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol). For those of you in to amateur radio, 73s, and my call sign is KE4VDH.
Syosset High School ' 10
Syosset , NY
About My Personal Life Things are going well
Esperanza High School ' 93
Anaheim , CA
About My Personal Life What's happening people? I spent the past few years attending Long Beach State. (at least that's what the diploma says) I now work in marketing for a wireless communications company. I live in Costa Mesa currently, but I'm planning on moving to Hermosa Beach this summer. Drop me a line if you can remember who the hell I am. Peace.
Littleton Senior High School ' 62
Littleton , NH
About My Personal Life Currently active in Masonic Lodge, and Shriner's, ride a H-D in Potentate's Motor Escort. Now married 18 years.
Blue Springs High School ' 87
Blue Springs , MO
About My Personal Life Went to the University of Arizona for undergrad and grad school. Then moved back to KC in '93 and started working for American Century Investments. I currently work in our Electronic Commerce area doing analysis on our website. Have contact with the following people not in KC if you ever want to get in touch with them: Abid Hussain (brother Shahed too), Jill Dryer, Karla Querry, Laura Trumble and Kyle Plummer. You can reach me at
Bishop Foley Catholic High Sch ' 82
Madison Heights , MI
About My Personal Life Hired into Ford Motor Co. 1989 been there ever since. Am currently assigned to Ford of Europe working in Belgium. Married to Kristine. Hobbies include auto racing, playing guitar and getting in trouble with the lads. Europe rules.
Silver Bluff High School ' 90
Aiken , SC
About My Personal Life Just moved back into the area from Charleston, SC. Joined the Navy for 6 yrs and got a B.S. in Sociology and A.S. in Nuclear Technology. Now I work for Bridgestone/Firestone in Aiken, SC.
Waterford High School ' 92
Waterford , CT
About My Personal Life In the 4 years since I updated this profile I managed to complete grad school with an MA in Economics and land a job at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, which ironically is where first tried to land a job when my days at Ithaca were winding down. I guess patience really is a virtue.Since high school: Ithaca College, graduated with BA in econ in 1999. Couldn't find a real job, worked in retail for a year and decided to go back to schooland move to Boston. Two years at Northeastern, graduating in 2002. Still no luck finding a job. Unemployment. Which got boring. Back to retail. Then got lucky and this job practically fell in my lap in early 2004. Life in Beantown is good. If you want to say hi, wander around the bleachers at Fenway, I'm there most of the time.
Brentwood High School ' 98
Brentwood , TN
About My Personal Life Graduating in May 2003 and currently engaged.
Skyview High School ' 94
Soldotna , AK
About My Personal Life I graduated from Sam Houston State University, with a B.A. in Speech Communication, and am now working for Universal Computer Systems as a Network Technician.
Holmes High School ' 78
San Antonio , TX
About My Personal Life I am currently a 7th grade math teacher at Sul Ross Middle School. I am also involved with the scout troop that I was in when I was younger.
Berthold School ' 89
Berthold , ND
Friendly High School ' 88
Fort Washington , MD
About My Personal Life Working as a Treasury Anaylst for Volvo Commercial Finance in Greensboro, NC. I manage a debt portfolio of $1.4 billion.I'm also own my own Internet business. Please e-mail me if you are interested in learning about buisness opportunities on the Internet.
Willowbrook High School ' 73
Villa Park , IL
About My Personal Life Re-located to Atlanta Ga in 1992 and still workingfor AT&T (27 yrs) as a Switching Systems Engineer.Some of my interests are tennis, camping/fishing and doing volunteer work for the park district coaching soccer and swimming.
West Springfield High School ' 76
Springfield , VA
About My Personal Life I am a construction manager, married since 1987 to Linda.
Durant High School ' 71
Durant , OK
About My Personal Life Grayson County (TX) Sheriff's Office, Field Supervisor, Field Training Officer, Hostage Negotiator.
Eisenhower Senior High School ' 75
Lawton , OK
About My Personal Life I still look good. :} "LOL" Now I work for the State of Oklahoma at the Tax Commission and I love it. :} Hey I even still have hair though I don't wear an Afro anymore Thank GOD.
Henry Snyder High School ' 83
Jersey City , NJ
About My Personal Life I currently reside in Pa. and I am a computer consultant.
Reading High School ' 56
Reading , PA
About My Personal Life Working at the US Army Safety Center @ Ft. Rucker Alabama.
West Philadelphia High School ' 72
Philadelphia , PA
About My Personal Life Quality Assurance Specialist/Food Technologist-Acquisition for the Dept. of Defense/Defense Logistics Agency/Defense Supply Center Philadelphia. Executive Secretary of Blacks In Government Independence Chapter, member of NAACP.
Forest Park High School ' 79
Forest Park , GA
About My Personal Life My current occupation is in Retirement Plan Administration for SunTrust Bank in Macon.
Central High School ' 78
Detroit , MI
About My Personal Life Currently reside in Denver (Aurora) Colorado, Single working at present for Dept. of Defense as a Computer analyst. President of my own Church Music, Prophetic Worship consulting ministry called Psalm of David Ministries and Publishing Company.
Garfield High School ' 71
Akron , OH
About My Personal Life I'm a Mannatech Associate, I sell neutraceuticals, which are scientifically validated non toxic products products that have pharmaceutical effects.
Holmes High School ' 94
San Antonio , TX
About My Personal Life After working for three years at Motorola and recently completing my Masters in Electrical Engineering at UT Austin, I decided to join a startup (not a dot com, but a digital signal processor design group). Martha (Martha White class of '93) and I are married and have a house in southwest Austin. My hobbies include church activities, building furniture, and rebuilding/repairing cars. See our website at
Richwoods High School ' 84
Peoria , IL
About My Personal Life I currently work for MCI Worldcom as a supervisor in the Global Data Test Center. My department troubleshoots problems on the data networks of our large corporate customers. I've worked there since October '96 and have lived in NC since November '93. I enjoy camping, fishing, and going to the beach and mountains. I live in the country just 20 minutes outside Raleigh. NC is a great state and is now my home. I hope everyone from RHS is doing well and feel free to contact me to say hello!!
Phoebus High School ' 88
Hampton , VA
About My Personal Life Investment Banker with Banc of America Securities
Oak Ridge High School ' 94
El Dorado Hills , CA
About My Personal Life
In High School, My Hobbies were:
Crack Smoking, Slacking

Other Interesting things I'd like you to know:
Wow, how about this internet! I heard there are some web pages where you can look at goat porn and down load instructions for making a neutron bomb. Not that I've ever done it, I've just heard. Some friends told me. Anyways, pretty crazy, huh?
Since graduation, all the days seem to have coalesced into one. I sit around with friends who don't really like each other, staring at beer bottles which never get drunk, talking about the good times at Oak Ridge that never really happened. Oh, and for the punk who stole my Grateful Dead and Metallica tapes, I hope one day we wind up in the same jail cell together!
Anyways, you can visit my web page ( if you want. It's got pictures and stuff. And send some email, too.
Snow Hill High School ' 79
Snow Hill , MD
About My Personal Life Currently I am an intellectual property attorney working for the US Patent and Trademark Office in Crystal City (Arlington) VA.
Noble High School ' 82
Berwick , ME
About My Personal Life After graduation, I earned a degree in Marine Engineering and went to work down on the gulf coast as a merchant officer. Upon returning to the area in 1986, I went to work in the Engineering/Design Division of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Until I was laid off in 1992, I had been working to attain a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I met a 1979 graduate of Spaulding High School in 1984 and we were married in 1993. We bought a house in the town of New Durham,NH in 1991. I just recently completed the Manufacturing Processes, Computer-Aided Drafting/Design program at NH Community Technical College. I am currently working in the Engineering/Drafting Department of H.D Baumann in Portsmouth,NH. I plan within the next two years to return to college and finish my BS degree in Engineering.
Wilton-lyndeboro Jr Sr Hs ' 98
Wilton , NH
About My Personal Life college student
Gwen Sedlak
About My Personal Life Raised in Mexico City, Went to Lomas High there and then moved to Utah to go to BYU
About My Work Life Done alot of things but most were in Manufacturing or police work
About My School Life Was the high School photographer. I was a very quiet student and shy with girls to my regret. What can I say? Would love to find my old friends from there though.
David Brown
About My Personal Life Working To Find That Balance Of Career, Husband & Father
About My Personal Life Divorced, 3 kids 24 girl, 2 boys 20 and 16
About My Personal Life I am a doctoral canadate at teachers college columbia university. I am getting my degree in health education. I have compleated two masters here one in health education and one in computers and education.
About My Personal Life What is a personal life?
About My School Life I was a skater, never played on any teams, never in any clubs, just hung out until it was over
About My Personal Life I live in Hollywood, my son is my life.
About My Work Life I work on NAS Pax River, I make enough mony for me and my son to live comfortably.
About My Personal Life Air Force Fireman (1969-73) carpenter (1973-93) nursing assistant (1993-now)
About My Work Life Fireman (a lot of hot dates)Carpenter (I nailed a few)nursing assistant (what this town needs is an enema)
About My School Life wake me for recess
About My Personal Life Living in Colorado Springs, CO.
About My Personal Life I work in the public school.
About My Personal Life computer networking
Ardmore High School ' 67
Ardmore , OK
Springfield, MO
Tahlequah, OK
Tulsa, OK
Wayne Scarberry
Henry Galles
Gabriel Valdez
Cahokia High School ' 69
Cahokia , IL
Southeastern Illinois College ' 71
Harrisburg , IL
Freeburg, IL
Peggy Crafton
Carolyn Gilbert
Diana Bertels
Southside High School ' 96
Southside , AL
Attalla, AL
Amy Yancy
David Brown
Clarksville High School ' 95
Clarksville , AR
Clarksville, AR
Christy Smith
David Brown
David Brown
Bald Eagle Jr Sr High School ' 86
Wingate , PA
Goldsboro, NC
Thomas Brown
Jessica Schaeffer
Gina Morales
Marlborough High School ' 80
Marlborough , MA
Marlborough, MA
Karen Long
Cindy Robeau
Donavan Bloomfield
Vinson High School ' 76
Huntington , WV
Ashland, KY
Bangor, PA
Huntington, WV
Jimmy Jackson
Debbie Brown
Bill Hale
Riverside High School ' 00
Painesville , OH
Seminole, FL
Saint Petersburg, FL
Leandra Franko
Daniel Wolf
Arlene Brown
Evangel Christian Academy ' 89
Detroit , MI
University Of Maryland ' 97
College Park , MD
Seattle, WA
Dionisio Cadogan
Tasha Facey
Lorie Johnson
Bassick High School ' 59
Bridgeport , CT
Norwalk, CT
Colleen Wendy Finch
Budd Shedaker
Putnam City West High School ' 77
Oklahoma City , OK
Univ Of Oklahoma Hlth Sci Ctr ' 92
Oklahoma City , OK
Kingfisher, OK
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown
Joyce Kessner Degeer
Mt Pleasant High School ' 82
San Jose , CA
San Jose State University ' 91
San Jose , CA
San Jose, CA
Rosa Rendon
Belinda Li
Albert Soto
Joplin Senior High School ' 00
Joplin , MO
Missouri Southern State Univ ' 03
Joplin , MO
Chico, TX
Marlena Hall
Lulu Salah
Hernando High School ' 02
Brooksville , FL
Kaneohe, HI
Mary Aspen
Francine Mccall
Lamar High School ' 89
Rosenberg , TX
Sul Ross State University ' 90
Alpine , TX
Sugar Land, TX
Michele Skees
East High School ' 62
Memphis , TN
Memphis, TN
Susan Guffey
Meadowdale High School ' 97
Lynnwood , WA
Thoreau, NM
Qualicum Beach, BC
Kimberlee Musch
Grapevine High School ' 74
Grapevine , TX
Arlington, TX
Arlington, TX
Keith Burrus
Gina Pruitt
Brett Jordan
Richmond Senior High School ' 75
Richmond , IN
Richmond, IN
Steven Tansel
Angela Rice
George Evans
Duarte High School ' 83
Duarte , CA
Norcross, GA
Joe Brown
Crystal Washington
Jeff Fowler
Marion High School ' 79
Marion , AR
Arkansas State University ' 81
State University , AR
West Memphis, AR
Denise Franco
Israel Garcia
Ygnacio Valley High School ' 85
Concord , CA
Cal State Univ, Chico ' 93
Chico , CA
Highland, CA
Ontario, CA
Tucson, AZ
Kelly Bieling
Jackie Breslin
Holly Hammons
Mission San Jose High School ' 94
Fremont , CA
Fremont, CA
Dean Nickerson
David Brown
Don Brown
Glen Ridge High School ' 87
Glen Ridge , NJ
Philadelphia Biblical University ' 92
Langhorne , PA
Daphne, AL
David Brown
Alain Leroy Locke Sr High Sch ' 79
Los Angeles , CA
Los Angeles, CA
Tony Boone
Jerry Boone
Kim Libertini
Ingersoll Dist Collegiate Inst ' 74
Ingersoll , ON
Kitchener, ON
Andrew Brown
John Mccutcheon
Gerry Macintyre
Northeast High School ' 68
St Petersburg , FL
Univ Of South Florida ' 74
Tampa , FL
Fort Smith, AR
Richard Avis
Bill Eshenbaugh
George Gower
Franklin-monroe Jr Sr High Sch ' 76
Pitsburg , OH
Wright State University ' 84
Dayton , OH
Ohio State University ' 79
Columbus , OH
Urbana, OH
Tipp City, OH
David Brown
Lineville High School ' 90
Lineville , AL
Lineville, AL
David Brown
Gadsden High School ' 65
Anthony , NM
Univ Of New Mexico ' 70
Albuquerque , NM
Houston, TX
Michelle Ransom
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia
Crosby High School ' 59
Waterbury , CT
Bethlehem, CT
Margaret Smith
Toulminville ' 77
Mobile , AL
Round Rock, TX
Lorretta Davis
David Richardson
Richwoods High School ' 79
Peoria , IL
Univ Of Illinois, Urbana Champ ' 84
Urbana , IL
Purdue University ' 82
W Lafayette , IN
Chicago, IL
Peoria, IL
Catherine Sanchez
Castlemont Senior High School ' 89
Oakland , CA
Laney College ' 92
Oakland , CA
Oakland, CA
Deadra Woolbright
Mt Clemens High School ' 91
Mount Clemens , MI
Oakland University ' 08
Rochester , MI
Detroit, MI
Vallejo, CA
San Bernardino, CA
Adam Morgan
Gloria Olson
Anthony Femminineo
Polytechnic Senior High School ' 88
Long Beach , CA
Brigham Young University ' 94
Provo , UT
Long Beach, CA
Sandra Shea
Kirsten Tierney
Craig Marsh
Olathe North High School ' 84
Olathe , KS
Carlisle, PA
Belton, MO
James Luke
Julie Post
San Gorgonio High School ' 01
San Bernardino , CA
San Bernardino, CA
Nadine Davis
Ramona Gonzales
Melissa Page
West Sabine Jr Sr High School ' 76
Pineland , TX
Lamar University ' 88
Beaumont , TX
Port Neches, TX
Carol Rodgers
Van Horn Engineering And Tech Hs ' 70
Independence , MO
Univ Of Washington, Seattle ' 78
Seattle , WA
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tammy Crowder
Southern Guilford High School ' 88
Greensboro , NC
Asheboro, NC
Denise Dyer
Angela Holley
Kare Blankenship
Nathan B Forrest High School ' 87
Jacksonville , FL
Florida Cmty College System ' 06
Tallahassee , FL
Jacksonville, FL
Cynthia Mosher
Tracey Mann
Warren Central High School ' 00
Indianapolis , IN
Fort Hood, TX
Fort Riley, KS
Lauren Arnold
Brandon Lamar
Alisha Hinkle
Calumet High School ' 79
Gary , IN
Portage, IN
David Brown
Christopher Columbus High Sch ' 49
Bronx , NY
New York, NY
David Brown
James Garfield High School ' 69
Terre Haute , IN
Debary, FL
Judy Downham
Bill Brashaber
Dupont Manual High School ' 67
Louisville , KY
Jefferson Cmty Tech College, Downtown ' 69
Louisville , KY
Louisville, KY
Elizabethtown, KY
David Douglas High School ' 69
Portland , OR
Portland, OR
Kingsford High School ' 71
Kingsford , MI
Mi State Univ College Of Human Med ' 84
East Lansing , MI
Univ Of Tulsa ' 80
Tulsa , OK
Albuquerque, NM
Saint Augustine, FL
Las Cruces, NM
Univ Of Texas, Permian Basin ' 83
Odessa , TX
Odessa, TX
Reynolds High School ' 93
Troutdale , OR
Savannah College Of Art/Dsgn-savan
Savannah , GA
Savannah, GA
Desoto Co High School ' 78
Arcadia , FL
Sacramento, CA
Jefferson High School ' 96
Portland , OR
Portland, OR
Springfield High School ' 62
Holland , OH
Holland, OH
Hiram W Johnson High School ' 68
Sacramento , CA
Sacramento City College ' 69
Sacramento , CA
Windsor, CA
Brighton High School ' 02
Brighton , CO
Aurora, CO
Bennett, CO
Sanford High School ' 76
Sanford , ME
Goddard College ' 77
Plainfield , VT
Port Angeles, WA
North Harford High School ' 71
Pylesville , MD
White Hall, MD
Crawford Senior High School ' 67
San Diego , CA
San Diego St Univ, San Diego ' 71
San Diego , CA
Sacramento, CA
West Jefferson High School ' 81
Harvey , LA
Naples, FL
Cardinal Mooney High School ' 83
Rochester , NY
Syracuse, NY
East Union High School ' 02
Manteca , CA
Stockton, CA
Glen Este High School ' 81
Cincinnati , OH
Cincinnati, OH
Tinley Park High School ' 86
Tinley Park , IL
Wilmington, NC
Little Rock, AR
Melrose Park, IL
Batavia High School ' 76
Batavia , IL
Batavia, IL
Blue Hills Reg Tech School ' 85
Canton , MA
Norwood, MA
Carver Center For Arts And Tech ' 97
Towson , MD
Morgan State University ' 99
Baltimore , MD
Washington, DC
Falmouth High School ' 87
Falmouth , ME
Maine Maritime Academy ' 91
Castine , ME
Virginia Beach, VA
Durham, ME
Houma, LA
Mckinley Senior High School ' 70
Washington , DC
University Of District Of Columbia ' 83
Washington , DC
Howard University ' 79
Washington , DC
Washington, DC
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