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Places Lived
North Side High School ' 80
Fort Worth , TX
Springtown, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Judy Ochoa
Judy Rigsbee
Laura Menchaca
Becoming a grandparent Was the best thing that could have happen to me is my grand daughter Shelbee and now she is playing her first sport ever tee ball i would not miss for anything Laughing
Canoga Park Senior High School ' 73
Canoga Park , CA
Cal State Univ, Sacramento ' 79
Sacramento , CA
Sacramento, CA
Joyce Wang
Tiffiny Myers
Barbi Walt
Looking for an Friend



You worked at McClatchy Insurance Agency.  Lived in a little place in the town of Folsom.


Would love to hear from you.

Where I've been and where I want to go

I have traveled all over the Mediteranian, Livorno, Milan, Sicily, Venice, Croatia, Barcellona, Cannes, and Rome.


Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallerta, Xtapa, Zihuantinheo, Acapulco.


China, Kunming, Yunan Province; Sechzhuan, Hunan Province, ShangHai and


US, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Arizona, Washington D.C., Manhatten, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, Chicago, Illinoi


NEXT I WANT TO GO TO:  Canada, Germany, England, Australia, Russia, Panama Canal, South America and Caribbean

Buffalo High School ' 87
Kenova , WV
Catawba, SC
Debra Reese
Describe a place you like to go to be alone way back in the woods where it's just me ,god and nature. It's the only place where you can get your thoughts about you without  being bothered .
What's your favorite time of year?

I love Fall. It's the best season for me. I'm very hot blooded and love the cool days and nights. The colors are really nice and I  look forward to the fire going in my fireplace. I don't think Winter, Spring or Summer are that bad. I just like the cool days and nights. And my favorite holiday Halloween is in the middle the season. That is perfect time for the bonfire's and marshmellow roast that we always have. It's also nice to have that warm fuzzy feeling happening this time of year with some crown and coke and maybe a bud or two.

Southside High School ' 75
Elmira , NY
Red Rocks Cmty College ' 89
Lakewood , CO
Idaho Springs, CO
Timothy Smith
About My Personal Life ...
Maryvale High School ' 87
Phoenix , AZ
Univ Of Phoenix, Phoenix ' 08
Phoenix , AZ
Winchester, VA
Litchfield Park, AZ
Tempe, AZ
Rhonda Bishop
Theresa Garcia
Susie Tourville
About My School Life What can I say, it was the best of times - it was the worst of times. I made allot of mistakes, and have little regrets. Looking forward to the 20th reunion.
About My Personal Life Life is soooo goooood, living in Litchfield Park, AZ with my wife Alison of 8yrs- father of 3 great kids- send me a note, let's catch up!
About My Work Life working with investors, still in school too....
Class of 1987 Reunion is coming...

Hi all,

Just a reminder that our 20 year reunion is coming this fall.  The 3rd weekend of October is when the event will occur- (19-21October).  All of the details are up at-Great Reunions the professional planner assisting with the event- check their website!!!


Take good care,

David  aka&n

Eastmont Senior High School ' 72
East Wenatchee , WA
Evanston, WY
Steve Williamson
About My School Life Should have tried to learn more!
About My Personal Life Life used to be more fun, I must be getting older!
Littleton High School ' 90
Littleton , CO
Univ Of Nebraska, Kearney ' 96
Kearney , NE
Centennial, CO
David Smith
About My Personal Life Graduated college, Got married, have 1 child (son)and still play baseball.
Year 2007 Been a pretty interesting year.  Jacob turned three and is coming into his own, which has been both a challenge and a rewarding time.  The wife and I have divorced which has remained some what amicable.  Had to put down my dog and broke 79 for the first time playing golf.  Drop me a line I would like to know where you all ended up.  Here's to looking for another great year in '08
Carlmont High School ' 66
Belmont , CA
Foothill-de Anza Cmty College Dist ' 70
Los Altos , CA
Redwood City, CA
Sidne Margolis
Jennifer Stockton
Jennifer Stockton
About My School Life Learned a lot about life and people.It was a lot of work but I did enjoy many good friends.
About My Work Life Successful with US Government until retirement. Operate a company that provides good jobs for citizens. Always work for the Lord in company of my good wife.
About My Personal Life Christian walk, retired US Postal Service.Successful business last 10 years.Happily married. We enjoy travel and the grandkids.People and family activities get a lot of our time. I do remain in touch with Robert Delescale from Carlmont High School class.
Sylmar Senior High School ' 79
Sylmar , CA
Cosumnes River College ' 96
Sacramento , CA
Valley Springs, CA
Stockton, CA
Lodi, CA
Lori Cambaliza
About My Personal Life Stayed single until after completing military service in 1993. Wife, Lili, is descended from Portuguese Royal Family. My youngest daughter, Starla Joy, shares my birthday (December 31).
About My Work Life Veteran, U.S. Naval Submarine Service; ASE-certified Master Automobile Technician; Automotive Instructor
About My School Life Some of my fondest memories are of high school. Friends made there are still friends. My best friend, Armando, has since passed away, but he lives in my memories and my heart.
Olympia High School ' 65
Olympia , WA
Olympia, WA
Terry Swinney
John Pearl
About My Personal Life Black diamond ski runs are still a rush but double blacks are pretty hard on the old legs.
Newton South High School ' 80
Newton Centre , MA
University Of Pennsylvania ' 84
Philadelphia , PA
Livermore, CA
About My Personal Life Living in sunny CA with my wife (Laura) and two girls (Shannon & Savannah). See Howard Bailey every once and a while.
Lewisville High School ' 75
Lewisville , TX
Richland College ' 88
Dallas , TX
Richardson, TX
Allen, TX
Garland, TX
About My Personal Life Computer Programming, Part-time actor/singer on the local Dallas area stage. Stay healthy.
Mountain View High School ' 98
Orem , UT
Leea Kleem
Wendy Ellis
Alan Smith
My Favorite Place on the Playground was the baseball
R L Turner High School ' 92
Carrollton , TX
Dacia Akers
Hello fellow RL Turner-ites, and others!

Ohmygod!!  All my friends are procreating--eeeewwwww!!  That kind of scares me.


Hello all you fellow RL Turner-ites (and others!).  Mr. Silvertrombone is on reunion.  Now everything will go to hell in a handbasket!


I see that Deanna is a post-doctoral something-or-the-other--I guess that means that you are DR. Meyler now?  Congratulations are in order!


Congratulations, also, to Cindy, Dan (anyone seen Mr. Geist lately?) and Katie, Erik and Amber, Sarah, and several others for all the ninos you're bringing into the world.  I hope they are just as rotten as you all were!  Laughing  C'mon, we were all in band together--you've all got the goods on me!!


Good to see some of your faces on

Lake Havasu High School ' 90
Lake Havasu City , AZ
Liberty Henry
About My Personal Life yep
Turner High School ' 00
Kansas City , KS
Aaron Craig
What I want to say to the world Finnished yet another semester of college... Currently not really up to a whole lot, been living in shawnee for past 3 yrs.
Trevor G Browne High School ' 96
Phoenix , AZ
Chrystal Smith
Veronica Hunts In Winter
Veronic Hunts-in-winter
About My Personal Life work, work, work,
White Cloud High School ' 90
White Cloud , MI
Shelley White
Elizabeth Woolworth
Kirsten Mcgorman
About My Personal Life Spend much of my time at work for money or for the church.
Rocksprings High School ' 81
Rocksprings , TX
David Smith
About My Personal Life attended cotulla high school
Bruton High School ' 95
Williamsburg , VA
Cynthia Brown
Karen Charlier
Joshua Davis
About My Personal Life write to me at dks612(at)quixnet(dot)net to find out about me. Visit Classmates(dot)com to participate in planning the 10 year reunion.
Licking Co Joint Voc School ' 87
Newark , OH
Candy O'malley
About My School Life For me school sucked. I was raised a Jehovah Witness so you can do the math. I have fixed that problem and now things are good.
About My Work Life I`m doing what I have always wanted......I do it my way....cause its my way my way or the highway.
About My Personal Life My life is good. I laugh and smile every day and what more could a man ask for.
American High School ' 75
Fremont , CA
Mike Petzing
Susan Witkowski
Nicholas(Nick) Collard
About My Personal Life I work for an IT consulting company called Avanade. I live in Kansas City and I've been married for 15 years.
Oak Park High School ' 99
Oak Park , MI
David Smith
About My Personal Life Oak Park High School
Castlemont Senior High School ' 81
Oakland , CA
David Smith
About My Personal Life
Wheaton High School ' 79
Wheaton , MD
Janet Vogel
Victoria Parker
Alicia Mckinnon
About My Personal Life I've still got it and I still like doing it!
H Frank Carey Jr Sr High Sch ' 68
Franklin Square , NY
Paul Rosen
About My Personal Life I Am An Insurance Agent At The B&G Group in Plainview NY Tel516-576-0400 X246
Jones Valley High School ' 77
Birmingham , AL
Rebecca Trammell
Denise Kaley
Gail Wilson
About My Personal Life I publish the Helena and Pelham City News each month from my home in Helena. I am married to a Pelham native (24 years) and have 3 daughters, 17,19 and 22. My wife, Kim, works with me at home. Our oldest, Kelly, teaches at Creative Montessori in Homewood full time and goes to UAB part time. Our middle daughter, Jacqui, goes to UAB full time and works as a waitress at dale's Grill in Hoover nights and weekends. Our baby, Jordan, is a junior at Pelham High and works summers as a Power Aid Girl for the Barons baseball team. We go to all the Pelham High football games, some of the Pelham and Barons baseball games, and as many Alabama football games as we can. We see a few of the old JV crowd on occasion and look forward to the reunion that is being planned for Aug. 19, 2006 for the 70s classes.
Norview High School ' 65
Norfolk , VA
Glenn Bell
Thomas Herring
About My Personal Life I am Currently an Engineer with Raytheon Company in Denver Colorado. I work engineering details on Satellite Communications ground stations such as DirecTv.
High School Of Graphic Communication Arts ' 80
New York , NY
Howard Davis
David Ash
Myrian Melendez
About My Personal Life Hello fellow alumnis, hope everybody who read this is doing well. I am the supervisor of security at the N.Y.U Downtown Hospital, and soon to be married for the first time in my life. I hope to chat with my fellow classmate soon and good luck in whatever you do.
Paul G Blazer High School ' 84
Ashland , KY
Kimberly Graves
Tammy Gulledge
Sheri Holsinger
About My Personal Life chillin in sunny miami fl where i have resided for 16 years. I am a gym owner where i teach fitness training and Kickboxing classes. I've been blessed with three beautiful children. Twin boys Michael and David who will be 17 soon and a princess of a daughter Morgan who will be 14 in Feb, gotta go 1st appt 0430 in the morning
William Turner Technical Sch ' 97
Miami , FL
Chantilli Crews
About My Personal Life I'm just chillin' ya'll.. You can see me bouncin' at local clubs on South beach and Key Biscayne. Also, I have my regular daytime gig at American Airlines going six years strong now..
Manteca High School ' 79
Manteca , CA
Brenda Mahan
About My Personal Life Surgeon at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston
Poquoson High School ' 94
Poquoson , VA
Wayne Barber
About My Personal Life Get together 10 year reunion
Montachusett Voc Tech School ' 92
Fitchburg , MA
Ray Barboa
Timothy Floria
About My Personal Life I'm in the Army currently getting ready to defend freedom again...
Tabor Academy ' 59
Marion , MA
David Smith
About My Personal Life retired
John F Kennedy High School ' 88
Sacramento , CA
Melonie Zarzuela
About My Personal Life living in japan
Garden Spot High School ' 05
New Holland , PA
A Gee
About My Personal Life Smoking Mary Jane
Petaluma High School ' 69
Petaluma , CA
Linda Walshin
Milla Pohen
Antoinette Chiesa
About My Personal Life work sleep work sleep relax laugh work out sleep work. sounds like life in the big house. life is good.
Elko High School ' 67
Elko , NV
Thomas Beck
Chris Molnar
About My Personal Life Working at Barrick Gold Mine
Lee Academy ' 97
Lee , ME
Looooo Loooo
About My Personal Life rite now im horny as hell.ride my crotch rocket.spending time with my gal jessica leblanc and her buatifulll baby izzy.e mail me if u wanna keep in touch.
Denmark-olar High School ' 73
Denmark , SC
Sylvia Thomas
About My Personal Life working
Ichabod Crane Central High School ' 71
Valatie , NY
Donna Speer
About My Personal Life I have moved back to Valatie.I have 2 grown boys and 2 grandchildren. I have been separated for four years and live happily in my home town.I have been in sales since I left Ichabod in 1971. I have been very successfull.
Diamond Hill-jarvis High Sch ' 89
Fort Worth , TX
Yolanda Ibarra
April Alberts
Sylvia Castaneda
About My Personal Life just went tho 2nd divorse if u like to write me email me at
About My School Life it was fun
Stranahan High School ' 71
Fort Lauderdale , FL
Debra Moss
Fred Amato
Lompoc High School ' 61
Lompoc , CA
James White
About My Personal Life Marketing
Wills Point High School ' 96
Wills Point , TX
Laura Cheek
Kristi Wilson
Rachel Hefner
About My School Life I knew the reunion would get cancelled.
About My Work Life
About My Personal Life I live in Greenville,TX. Work at Per-Se' Techonologies. Married for over 7 years. Two kids, Drew (5) and Caden (2). Deacon at Ridgecrest Baptist Church. e-mail me @
John F Kennedy High School ' 91
Waterbury , CT
Alberta Guiles
Jason Reid
About My Personal Life Everything I set out to do has been done.
Oakhurst School ' 75
Pasadena , CA
Gina Jones
About My Personal Life I am still alive and well I guess that is good enough
Wheat Ridge Senior High School ' 78
Wheat Ridge , CO
Debbie Earl
Hope Rogers
About My Personal Life I'm back in Colorado!
About My Work Life Retired from the AIR FORCE!
Caruthersville High School ' 82
Caruthersville , MO
Tom Ng
Olivia Maroulis
About My School Life my school life : a waste , wish i could go back and change it.
About My Personal Life about my personal life , not much: after high school i went to college (southeast missouri state). learned to fly , got burnt out and went into the army. there i was in the cavarly scout (recon). went to the 101st airborne , jumped out of helicopters. then off to germany and border patrol. after the army , went back to college (back to semo). got my commission as a 2nd lt. and my degree. then off to houston texas and became a police officer. im now a print unit (csu type). married with two GREAT kids (both girls).
About My Work Life im with the houston police dept as a police officer and print unit. after my work , im also a emt basic with the west harris county ems ambulance. what can i say , im a trauma junkie.
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