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Belaire High School ' 76
Baton Rouge , LA
Colleen Smith
Colleen Smith
Colleen Smith
About My Work Life Housewife
About My School Life Belaire
About My Personal Life Married 27 years one kid
Limestone Jr Sr High School ' 89
Limestone , ME
Vanessa Short
About My Personal Life so much
San Clemente High School ' 79
San Clemente , CA
William Parsons
Jo Ellen
Marina Hirshfield
About My Personal Life Time goes by sooo fast
Parkview High School ' 84
Lilburn , GA
Karen Pritchett
About My Personal Life Office manager
Lakeridge High School ' 82
Lake Oswego , OR
About My Personal Life divorced, mother of 22 year old son, 18 year old daughter, and a 17 year old son
Saginaw High School ' 77
Saginaw , MI
About My Personal Life I'm single I have four sons not living at home I have one grand daughter. Working two jobs and going to school. looking forward to my 30 year reunion with my classmates
About My Work Life I have several jobs but the one that I most enjoy is working with my children at the elmentary school they are the love of my life.
About My School Life I had a great time there and I truely miss my classmates
East Jackson High School ' 79
Jackson , MI
About My Personal Life Good
Natick High School ' 60
Natick , MA
About My Personal Life Hi all!! My name for approximately 18 years was Colleen Mancuso. During that time I had two children, Lauren and Anthony. When my children were young, my 1st husband and I divorced. A few years later I married a man with the name Smith, and naturally, I took his last name. My 2nd husband died of bone cancer approximately 9 years into our marriage, but never changed my name back to Mancuso or Campbell. I really miss my school mates at Natick High School.
Mead High School ' 98
Spokane , WA
About My Personal Life After graduating from EWU I moved to the west side. I am currently living in Lynnwood, WA and am a certified athletic trainer working as an industrial rehab specialist.
Wake Forest-rolesville Hs ' 05
Wake Forest , NC
About My Personal Life we havent graduated yet
New Castle High School ' 95
New Castle , PA
About My School Life I went to New Castle High School, PA but graduated from Lawrence County Area Vocational School. Went on to get my Associate's Degree in Medical Secretary.
About My Personal Life I have 3 beautiful boys, ages 1, 3, and 11. They are the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I have recently been seperated and am currently in the process of getting a divorce, but other than that all is well!!
About My Work Life I am a Medical Records Coder. Some may ask what that is?!?! I put the codes on the system so the Billing Department knows how to bill the Insurance Companies. The codes are the diagnoses that the doctor gives you in either the Emergency Room or Outpatient Labs/X-rays/Outpatient surgeries or as people admitted to the hospital (i.e. if you come in with a cough or shortness of breath, etc.). I recently got my certification so I am not officially.....Colleen E. Smith, CCS...which stands for Certified Coding Specialist!!
Belaire High School ' 76
Baton Rouge , LA
About My Personal Life sub-teacher housewife bowling coach
Turlock High School ' 83
Turlock , CA
About My Personal Life nothing
Old Forge High School ' 96
Old Forge , PA
About My Personal Life nothing
Lowell High School ' 82
Lowell , MA
About My Personal Life Married for 20 years, working and enjoying my children.
Interboro High School ' 90
Prospect Park , PA
About My Personal Life I work as a Director of Marketing & Research for a small financial firm on the Main Line. I am engaged to be married next Spring. That's not all I am doing, but that will suffice :)
Colville Senior High School ' 67
Colville , WA
About My Personal Life in mental health..have a 14 yr old girl at homne...Kids are my life
Freeport High School ' 99
Freeport , IL
About My Personal Life Doing the best that I can for what I have. I am a CNA. I am going back to school for Accounting and Computer Programming
Princeton High School ' 91
Princeton , MN
About My Personal Life Hello there. Let's see, what have I been doing for the past 10 years? Graduated from UW-Stout. My last semester there, I fell madly in love and got married 3 years later. Gary changed my whole view of never getting married and letting "some man" tell me what to do. Now I am a big sappy girl. Ha, ha. We recently moved to Kennesaw, GA.... it is the burbs of Atlanta. Moved from downtown Minneapolis and at times I feel a bit removed from the city. I love it here though- long hot summer days and fall has lasted until Mid December. Discovered I love plants and gardening, and can not wait to tear up my backyard and create something wonderful. It is a small world sometimes though. I had Clay Matvick over for Thanksgiving. He lives in Atlanta as well. Nice to have a bit of home here. :-) Career- well I am looking for a new joby job so there really is not much to gush about there. I love marketing
Holley Sr High School ' 00
Holley , NY
About My Personal Life Hey kids, I miss you guys! Hope you are all having a blast but never forgetting about old fashioned coop parties!! Take care, I know I am...
Elk Grove High School ' 84
Elk Grove Village , IL
About My Personal Life I live in Crystal Lake, IL with my husband Doug, we met our freshman year at Northern Illinois University and have been married 11 years this past June. We had our first son in January 2000, and just had a beautiful daughter August 9, 2001. I work from home doing the accounting for a Schaumburg video production company.
Incarnate Word Academy ' 93
Corpus Christi , TX
About My Personal Life I hope everyone is doing well. If you want to contact me, my e-mail address is: Be forewarned though, I take several days, even weeks, to check it so don't feel hurt or I am sure you would be devastated if I never go back to you. Anyways, it is there for your taking.
Northview High School ' 74
Sylvania , OH
About My Personal Life I am married and have one child. I have lived in South Carolina for the last 14 yrs after moving from an 11 yr stay in Florida. I work for a day care teaching 4 year olds.
Walker-hackensak-akeley Hs ' 73
Walker , MN
About My Personal Life I am the mother of 8 children (7 daughters & 1 son). I also have 4 Grandchildren (2 boys & 2 girls). In 1993 I moved all of my children to Arizona to start an new life. I have recently remarried (Ocotber 2002) to a wonderful, kind and loving man.
John T Morgan Academy ' 81
Selma , AL
About My Personal Life I am currently working as an oncology nurse in a private medical practice
Almont Jr Sr High School ' 86
Almont , MI
About My Personal Life I'm happily married with three kids, ages 12, 8, and 6. My oldest is in Junior High-Ugh! I've been living in Sterling Heights, MI for 71/2 years now, but love going back to Almont to visit my parents as often as possible! I'm working as a lunch room supervisor at our elementary school (or more commonly referred to as "Lunch Lady"!) I'm also working as the Math Tutor for the upper elementary. I volunteer most of my spare time to the schools my children attend (I think I'm on about every committee they have!), and to the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. I'm looking forward to moving back "north" to the Almont area sometime soon! I guess you can take the gal out of the small town, but you can't take the small town out of the gal! (If you can call Almont "small" anymore!) Message updated in Sept. 2000
Algonac High School ' 80
Algonac , MI
About My Personal Life Living in Michigan, working for the man.
Holy Cross High School ' 99
Louisville , KY
About My Personal Life I'm at UK and I love it.
Clearwater Ctrl Cath High Sch ' 81
Clearwater , FL
About My Personal Life Work for Dell Computer Corporation. Live in Tallahassee, FL. Interests include traveling, running and playing tennis.
Derby High School ' 98
Derby , KS
About My Personal Life I am living in Maryland doing public relations and working as a nanny for the time being!
About My School Life holy redeemer-detroit
About My Work Life small builder specializing in insurance repair
About My Personal Life trying to relocate my brothers Danny and Jack and sister Colette
About My Work Life I do clinical trials on new medications for mentally ill patients.
About My School Life I played softball and basketball. I was always the tallest girl.
About My Personal Life I have been happily married since 1995. My son is 11 years old and is beautiful. He is very athletic and has a great personality. He is almost taller than me and he is not even in 6th grade yet.
About My Personal Life My life I guess has had its ups and its downs. I am now living back in Wisconsin near my family. I have a full time job as well as I am a full time Mom. I have 2 very handsome little boys and they sure keep me going. Still trying to find that special someone though.
About My School Life Im not going to lie. School somewhat sucked for me but that was only my choice I guess. I pretty much stuck to myself and got pretty good grades. I would leave school early so that I could go to work.
About My Work Life I work full time and have some great friends there. I love doing working with residents and taking care of them in the nursing home setting. I don't think that I could do anything different.
Inter City Baptist High School ' 79
Allen Park , MI
Covenant College ' 82
Lookout Mtn , GA
Augusta, GA
Beth Puckett
Alison Tasich
Lisa Kelly
Mundelein High School ' 86
Mundelein , IL
Victorville, CA
Gabriel Lannet
Jean Labonte
Calvin Phason
Bowie High School ' 85
Bowie , MD
University Of Maryland ' 91
College Park , MD
Towson University ' 89
Towson , MD
Edgewater, MD
Baltimore, MD
Towson, MD
Cathryn Barnes
Susanne Mestas
Shaker High School ' 84
Latham , NY
Latham, NY
James Webb
Margaret Deskins
Piscataway Twp High School ' 83
Piscataway , NJ
Univ Of West Florida ' 00
Pensacola , FL
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Piscataway, NJ
Cheryl Stewart
Tracy Branigan
Raquel Carr
Vista High School ' 97
Vista , CA
Vista, CA
Michelle Ramirez
Cecilia Mason
Interboro High School ' 90
Prospect Park , PA
Millersville University ' 94
Millersville , PA
Norwood, PA
Academy Of The Pacific ' 74
Honolulu , HI
Victoria, BC
St Joseph Central High School ' 87
Pittsfield , MA
Jacksonville University ' 89
Jacksonville , FL
Jacksonville, FL
Abraham Lincoln High School ' 97
Brooklyn , NY
Staten Island, NY
S F Drake High School ' 82
San Anselmo , CA
Novato, CA
Billings Senior High School ' 79
Billings , MT
Billings, MT
Selah High School ' 65
Selah , WA
Raymond Justinic
James Monroe High School ' 71
Portland , OR
Bonnie Harding
Clarene Jacobson
Tyler County High School ' 80
Middlebourne , WV
Fairmont State College, Fairmont ' 98
Fairmont , WV
Cheryl Cain
Mike Clise
Van Heslop
Shawnee High School ' 13
Medford , NJ
Allan Smith
Brockton High School ' 84
Brockton , MA
Scott Purtell
Lisa Forte-puffer
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