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Pierce City R-6 High School ' 87
Pierce City , MO
Jan Pyle
Gaylene Holland
Pam Chadwell
Where I would go if I could travel back in time I would travel back to December 1978.
Simon Kenton High School ' 92
Independence , KY
Jamie Gates
Chad Anderson
Bad Kids I remember in school, I would hang out with the BAD kids. When they would see us walking down the hall all the other kids would get out of our way...  What I wouldn't give to go back to those days.  To go back to being a kid again...
The Deadly Sin I'm Most Prone To



Loud Music, ext.....Laughing

East Central High School ' 97
San Antonio , TX
James Johnson
Billy Huth
Gerald Polk
Look at MySpace

Hi to all my class mates of 97.  It's me Christina Pooley but it is Lewis now.  I didn't exactly start off the way I wanted to after high school, but I am grateful for what I have recieve in my life.  I had a little girl in 98 and every one says she is a mini version of me, so I guess I better keep a close eye on her if she is any thing like me.  LOL.  I did marry in 99 to a man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with, but it didn't work out thay way.  I did have another little girl in 01 and she looks like her dad some what, but she got my good looks. LOL  I finally seperated with my husband in 04 and divorced in 05.  After my divorce I had another little girl who is another version of me and also a hand full.  It has been ruff for me raising three girls, but I have a great family who help me.  I am now a Assistant Manager for a hotel by my mom's house where I am now living.&nbs

Humble High School ' 76
Humble , TX
Denise Gimarc
Tricia George
R Vincent Bradley
Contact info  tinalewis  @  austin.  rr.  com

Lincoln Northeast High School ' 85
Lincoln , NE
Martin Walter
Verdeen Barnes
Jodi Hawkins
What superpower I want the ability to tell when someones telling the truth or not   my space  chrstnalew

Highlands High School ' 96
North Highlands , CA
Ahana Powell
A great restaurant red lobster
Seventy-first High School ' 94
Fayetteville , NC
Cosmo Pirrone
About My Personal Life Ask me! If I know you I'll tell you! AQUALUVSAM@AOL.COM or
Neah Bay School ' 98
Neah Bay , WA
Velanie Chavez
Shane Lewis
Jason Webb
About My Personal Life None
About My Work Life None
About My School Life None
James E Taylor High School ' 94
Katy , TX
Christina Lewis
About My Personal Life My husband and I have a home based advertising and graphic design buisness. we are expecting our first child thanksgiving day 2003.
Vinson High School ' 94
Huntington , WV
About My Personal Life I am going to be attending school in Florida to start my dream of owning my own Bed and Breakfast. Where I will house my foster children and horses. At 24 I am starting my life for the last time. Now that I'm older and wiser I have a feeling that I won't have to start over again like I have so many times before. Wish me luck and blessings.
Alcee Fortier High School ' 97
New Orleans , LA
About My Personal Life I'm making it.
Northrop High School ' 86
Fort Wayne , IN
About My Personal Life Married. Two Children
Hahnville High School ' 98
Hahnville , LA
About My Personal Life Hahnville High School
Chichester Senior High School ' 87
Boothwyn , PA
About My Work Life I own and operate my own daycare and my husband and I own a Sportscard and Collectible shop. We travel all over the mid-west to set up at different sports camps.
About My School Life Glad it is over.
About My Personal Life I am married with 2 children. I now live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Washington High School ' 96
South Bend , IN
About My Personal Life WORKING, WORKING, WORKING. Spending time with my daughter.
Rantoul Township High School ' 91
Rantoul , IL
About My Personal Life I am presently a life and health insurance agent working out of my home. I am recently single and excited about it! Those of you that graduated in "91 and you remember me, feel free to drop me a few lines..Tina from NC
Ridgeland High School ' 96
Rossville , GA
About My Personal Life Working at Unumprovident, taking care of my son Hayden.
Hallsville High School ' 85
Hallsville , MO
About My Personal Life Working on my Master's Degree
Princeton High School ' 93
Princeton , IL
About My Personal Life I am currently working as an Office Manager part-time. I absolutely love it! I have 2 children and a wonderful husband that keep me VERY active. Soccer, swimming, dancing, etc.....
Neah Bay School ' 98
Neah Bay , WA
About My Personal Life masters
Cumberland High School ' 95
Cumberland , KY
About My Personal Life I would love to hear from any of you.
Darien High School ' 85
Darien , CT
About My Personal Life Married with 2 boys ages 6 and 3. Working as a web developer at Prudential in Shelton.
Bristol Jr Sr High School ' 98
Bristol , PA
About My Personal Life I am working for the state at the DPW. I live with my boyfriend in a house. We have to puppies, a kitten, and two iguanas.
Lafayette High School ' 97
Williamsburg , VA
About My Personal Life Im married to DJ Lewis, he is in the Army here at Ft. Bragg, NC. We had a baby in March of 2000, his name is Mason Lewis and we are all enjoying life........Peace Cree
Wylie High School ' 95
Wylie , TX
About My Personal Life I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1999 with a dual degree in government and Spanish. I am in my third year of law school at Duke University. I am anxious to know about everyone...send me an e-mail - I check it with embarrassing frequency.
Puyallup Senior High School ' 95
Puyallup , WA
About My School Life Some of the funiest times of my life.
About My Personal Life Recent college graduate with a BA in Graphic Design. Recently had my first baby with my husband John Lewis(Class of 93) Currently living in WA.
Ramapo High School ' 93
Spring Valley , NY
About My Personal Life I married in July 2003 and have a son, JT. I live in the Sayreville/South Amboy area of NJ.
About My Work Life I'm a per-diem accountant who specializes in implementing Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains accounting software and assistant controller back-fill positions. I contract myself out to small businesses who need that extra/seasoned help. I work all over NJ.
Ball High School ' 99
Galveston , TX
About My Personal Life Well, currently I'm attending Galveston College. In January I will be leaving the Galveston Battle ground to attend U of H (main campus). At this point in my life I have come to grips that I am who I am and no one can change me but myself. During high school I seemed to have a very hard time expressing myself. Many times I was told by the "wicked security guards" at Ball High that I was many different thing. First they told me I was in a gang because my hair was purple, red, blue, pink and green yet there were many of people who wore all gang colors (and you can always tell who is in a game or not). I was very popular but, for all the wrong reasons. During my freshman year a vicious rumor was made up about me and lasted all the way up to my senior year. Yeah, everyone knew me!!! What it all boils down to is that a person can't help it if they don't want to be like the rest. Also, people are always going to have something to say no matter how good a pe
Ramona Secondary School ' 90
Alhambra , CA
About My Personal Life I now live in Tucson,AZ. Got my degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management. I'll be expecting my first child in Mar 2000.
Carver High School ' 93
Winston Salem , NC
About My Personal Life I work at Pepsi Bottling Group.
Tate High School ' 97
Gonzalez , FL
About My Personal Life Working and going to school...
Seammala Sun
Jeaneen Eggleston
About My Personal Life I am dating a guy name Aj Mughni. We have been dating for 7 years now.
About My School Life I am now living in Lubbock, Texas. I am attending Texas Tech University getting my bachelors degree in Pre- Med. I am trying to go for my PhD. I Graduated from NMSU-Alamogordo.
Chloe Curtis
Chloe Curtis
Christina Lewis
About My Personal Life I am now out of the navy and live in Miami. I have a daughter and life is doing fine. when I was a chearleader I lost touch of many friends. I am on myspace you just have to look up christina Lewis and you will find me... I know I have grown over the years and now I am a much more stronger person today. I found myself and never been happier.
About My School Life I was much more shy back then. I know I did not stand up for my self; hoever, I had a great time back then.
Food I Cook Best



About My Personal Life i like to meet new people and hang out with friends and hang out at the mall and casino e-mail me at or aim Ciara420 because i don't really check my messages on the site so if ya wanna talk hit me up
About My School Life I Was a Cheerleader only when we had 4 of us then it went to 6. but the spirit is what matters and i love PHS. Cant wait to go and visit again
About My Work Life I work in a nursing home but on the rehab unit with ortopedics. I have learned alot and thinking about going to become a MA.
About My Personal Life Just moved to mass in june and loving it engaged to a great guy.
About My Personal Life going to Penn State for RN
Windsor Forest High School ' 97
Savannah , GA
Fl Metropolitan Univ, Melbourne ' 07
Melbourne , FL
Titusville, FL
Christina Lewis
Windsor Forest High School ' 97
Savannah , GA
Fl Metropolitan Univ, Melbourne ' 07
Melbourne , FL
Savannah, GA
Christina Lewis
Christina Lewis
Seminole High School ' 05
Sanford , FL
Palm Beach Cmty College, Eissey ' 08
Palm Bch Gdns , FL
Lancaster, CA
Candie Grieco
Warren G Harding Sr High Sch ' 95
Warren , OH
Saint Petersburg, FL
Patricia Miles
Peter Vekselman
Desoto Co High School ' 00
Arcadia , FL
Univ Of Phoenix-tampa ' 08
Tampa , FL
Jacksonville, FL
Davalyn Hoang
Justin Preston
Stan Nagle
Lakota ' 91
Risingsun , OH
Brown Mackie College, Findlay ' 08
Findlay , OH
Fostoria, OH
Jennifer Eckhardt
Jessica Shultz
Alternative Ed Facility ' 06
Oklahoma City , OK
Tampa, FL
Valeta Chitty
Yolanda Lewis
Cynthia Fry
Don Antonio Lugo High School ' 86
Chino , CA
Cherokee Village, AR
Jamie Dorman
Lydia Ashorn
Robert Lewis
Amesbury High School ' 96
Amesbury , MA
Amesbury, MA
Hughes Center High School ' 02
Cincinnati , OH
Southwestern College Of Business, Cincinnati ' 08
Cincinnati , OH
Cincinnati, OH
R B Hayes High School ' 98
Delaware , OH
Delaware, OH
Hillsborough Senior High ' 85
Tampa , FL
Tampa, FL
Rutherford High School ' 96
Panama City , FL
Gulf Coast Cmty College, Main ' 07
Panama City , FL
Asim Fagins
Shellie Johnson
Mike Kieth
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