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Cleveland Sr High School ' 61
Reseda, CA
About My Personal Life I am semi retired locksmith ,I have a daughter and grandson, will be 7 in Dec. and a 11mo.old grandaughter. I have lived in central Ca.about 25 this time Winton, Ca. I am divorced after 34 yrs.
Santa Rosa High School ' 58
Santa Rosa, CA
About My Personal Life Living in Indiana. Still married to same person after 40 years. Retired from FAA.
North Rowan High School ' 96
Spencer, NC
About My School Life You know, it's rare that anyone be asked about school life here and even rarer that they actually tell the truth. Regardless, I'm going to risk the chance of being thought a bitter person who holds a grudge while exposing the reality of life at North. It's going to be so easy to write off what school life was like while automatically assuming that I'm a bitter person and can't let go of the past. Regardless, school life at North was not unlike most everywhere else. For so many it was easy to fall through the cracks. Because I wasn't a brain (the posterchild for the faculty) nor a jock (which means I wasn't "popular") it was easy to be overlooked by both classmates and the faculty as well. Like me, if you weren't a brain, a jock or involved with any kind of club you were pretty much ignored. Regardless, I'm sure I wasn't the first and won't be the last to fall through the cracks.
About My Personal Life After graduation I worked at the local YMCA for a while a
Mcduffie High School ' 81
Anderson, SC
Cleveland State University ' 85
Cleveland, OH
Cerro Gordo, NC
Bastrop High School ' 79
Bastrop, LA
Mark Whitaker
Kim Bajorek
Sara Merritt
Sun Valley Senior High School ' 87
Aston, PA
Angela Moore
Samson High School ' 73
Samson, AL
Southwood High School ' 77
Shreveport, LA
Jordan Voc High School ' 89
Columbus, GA
Waterville Jr Sr High School ' 69
Waterville, NY
Northeast High-mark Smith Bldg ' 84
Macon, GA
Cairo High School ' 82
Cairo, IL
Rosepine High School ' 92
Rosepine, LA
Gresham High School ' 96
Gresham, OR
Roosevelt High School ' 91
Dallas, TX
Crawford Senior High School ' 64
San Diego, CA
Naugatuck High School ' 94
Naugatuck, CT
Miami Palmetto Sr High School ' 00
Miami, FL
Burnsville, MN
Cincinnati, OH
Erica D Whitaker
Lexington, IL
Lexington, IL
Bloomington, IL
Sherry A Whitaker
Carol L Whitaker
Charles F J Whitaker
Athens, GA
Gray, GA
Athens, GA
Betty Whitaker
Abbie L Jones
William D Whitaker
Powell, TN
Orlando, FL
Zebulon, NC
Annie Whitaker
Mary Lou James
Gloria Jean Cagley
Spencer, IN
Spencer, IN
Rowena M Whitaker
Amarillo, TX
Amarillo, TX
Amarillo, TX
Amanda Diane Whitaker
Eddie Whitaker
Diane R Whitaker
Gastonia, NC
Belmont, NC
Cherryville, NC
Kathy Harmon Dixon
Jeffrey Paul Whitaker
Taylor, MI
Dean A Whitaker
Tashauna Lynne Whitaker
Covington, IN
Covington, IN
Sheila Rhea Whitaker
Amy L Whitaker
Gregory A Whitaker
Dayton, TN
Dayton, TN
Dayton, TN
Robyn Dee Thomas
Elsie Whitaker
Delores J Whitaker
Compton, CA
Compton, CA
Compton, CA
Leon Whitaker
Sharon R Whitaker
Leon Whitaker
Rosepine, LA
Deridder, LA
Deridder, LA
Tina M Whitaker
Charlie C Whitaker
Kimberly D Whitaker
Kansas City, MO
Oklahoma City, OK
Warsaw, MO
Edna May Donnell
Toni Lee Whitaker
Carolyn L Hadley
Dayton, OH
Dayton, OH
Washington Township, OH
Tari L Whitaker
Salisbury, NC
Salisbury, NC
Allison Coleman
William Doyle Overcash
Elaine R Whitaker
Mooresville, IN
Corpus Christi, TX
Tucson, AZ
Marcy E Todd
Yletta Rhon Welch
William J Whitaker
Elwood, IN
Cloverdale, IN
Bloomfield, IN
Mary F Bow
Jacklyn J Whitaker
Mary J Whittaker
Phoenix, AZ
Glendale, CA
Fred Manning Whitaker
Jane Manning Whitaker
Fred Maynard Whitaker
Lexington, OK
Purcell, OK
Purcell, OK
Deborah Kay Whitaker
Nathan Edward Whitaker
David Bradley Whitaker
Marysville, CA
Yuba City, CA
Yuba City, CA
Gregory Charles Whitaker
Carolyn I Whitaker
Bradley James Whitaker
Marianna, AR
Marianna, AR
Marianna, AR
James Walter Whitaker
Charlie D Whitaker
Martha Louise Whitaker
La Fayette, GA
Eastaboga, AL
Rhonda K Whitaker
Bryan Whitaker
Paul H Whitaker
Marion, VA
Marion, VA
Effie Whitaker
Minneola, FL
Mary Evelyn Whitacker
Amanda N Whitaker
Calhoun, GA
Decatur, GA
Kaye S Whitaker
Emily Meghan Whitaker
Myrtle Beach, SC
Conway, SC
Myrtle Beach, SC
Tonya L Green
Patricia C Whitaker
Deborah Whitaker
Asheville, NC
Asheville, NC
Asheville, NC
Charlene Whitaker Fowler
Beatrice Gryder Whitaker
Charles Roland Whitaker
Fort Wayne, IN
Fort Wayne, IN
Fort Wayne, IN
Joyce J Whitaker
Sharon M Dafforn
Cheri Marie Whitaker
Laughlin A F B, TX
South Amherst, OH
Crestwood, KY
Pamela K Bramblett
Deborah D Whitaker
Virgil L Flynn
Sour Lake, TX
Beaumont, TX
Kountze, TX
John P Whittaker
Annette M Whitaker
Brittni Whitaker
Upper Marlboro, MD
Colonial Beach, VA
Upper Marlboro, MD
Francee L Hill
Anthony Eugene Whitaker
Tonya Lavern Whitaker
Dublin, OH
Portland, OR
Dublin, OH
Darlyne R Whitaker
Joyce A Whitaker
Kiley J Henry
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