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Places Lived
Norfolk Collegiate Upper Sch ' 79
Norfolk, VA
Hanford, CA
San Diego, CA
Memphis, TN
Kathy Ossont
Joseph Hege
About My Personal Life Life? What's that? I seem to recall having one of those once.
My political activity experiences

Since I moved to the Central Valley, I've become very active in local politics. I've been on the governing board of a small rural school district for the last four years. I'm getting ready to start my second term. Since nobody ran against me, I didn't have to campaign. I didn't have to the first time, either.


I'm also the chair of the Kings County Democratic Central Committee. It's not easy being one of a very few blues in a sea of red, but at least nowadays we're not getting the verbal assaults we used to get.


I've also been involved in several local and state campaigns.


Mercy Academy ' 60
Louisville, KY
Saint Petersburg, FL
Robert Reno