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James Monroe Sr High School ' 68
Sepulveda , CA
About My Personal Life Stargazer Ranch in Southern Idaho has provided me a most interesting retirement. I was a nurse, a signpainter, and finally operate horse ranch. Always did love animals. Divorced, have 2 grown kids, still stuck in the 60's !! Have a myspace profile as well as one in yahoo messenger as Redmane_at_stargazer. Still love to ski and be outdoors. Campfires are a must.
About My School Life Well, for me it was fun and hard all at the same time... I had same amount of good and bad times... I really loved my school life and don't regret anything... I just wish that I worked harder... I do have to say that really enjoyed band life... I don't think I would feel the way about school if I wasn't in band...
About My Personal Life What am I doing now?...Well, I work at Rice University library full time. I also go to college part time. I don't do much but, I'm sure I'm like everyone else in the world. I still hang out with Jessica McGregor(Asmar), Sharbel Asmar, Scatt Patack& wife (Veronica), Gentry Wilson, Jessica Robertson, Emily Ramsey, and Lonnie Lindsey...I'm going to school to be a teacher and hopefully I'll get it done by the time I'm 30yrs old... Well, I can't think of anything else but, if you want to know more please email.....Thanks you for stopping and reading up on me....I hope your doing well....Bye
Anthony Wayne High School ' 61
Whitehouse , OH