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Covina High School ' 69
Covina, CA
Robert Slominski
Jolene Kerby
Shanda Blakey
About My Personal Life Children & grandchildren are at the top of my priority list. I spend most of my free time doing things with family.
About My School Life High School - was just okay, graduated early and went on to jc where after 1 1/2 years met and married GC. 1970.
About My Work Life I am a dedicated employee and love my job. I love working with people and use my influence to promote a positive work enviroment. When the job calls, I have a hard time saying no to anything.
Stonewall Jackson High School ' 83
Charleston, WV
About My Personal Life private
About My Work Life private
About My School Life private
Freedom High School ' 84
Morganton, NC
About My Personal Life will answer later
Harrison High School ' 75
Colorado Springs, CO
About My Personal Life Boy has a lot happened since 1972! I have a 14 year ild son who is beginning his first year at Harrison and has Ms. Trogden as his counselor. Can you believe it! I've seen a lot of the world thanks to my job as a broadcaster, mostly military but also civilian. Can't wait to see more! I'm retired now. The only job I have is rearing my teenaged son, which so far has been a pretty easy job (somebody up there likes me!) Been married and divorced once. There is wa-a-a-ay too much to tell in this little box.
Irene Stacy
About My Personal Life It's personal. :)
Ashland-greenwood Sr High School ' 95
Ashland, NE
Hastings College ' 00
Hastings, NE
Lincoln, NE
Tracy Platt
Somerset Community College ' 11
Somerset, KY
Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Douglas Young
Paul H. Pewitt ' 68
Omaha, TX
Susan Adams
Vicki Carlile
Jane Dollar
Duncan High School ' 78
Duncan, OK
Brenda Coffey
Freedom High School ' 84
Morganton, NC
Paul H. Pewitt ' 68
Omaha, TX
Charleston High School ' 86
Charleston, IL
Roosevelt High School ' 67
Wyandotte, MI
Pine River Middle High School ' 99
Leroy, MI
South Caldwell High School ' 89
Hudson, NC
Memphis, TN
Germantown, TN
Annie Lee Coffey
Leon Coffey
Annie Coffey
Dalhart, TX
Dalhart, TX
Dalhart, TX
Robert D Coffey
Ronald J Perkins
Sidney Rene Bank
Lexington, VA
Lexington, VA
Lexington, VA
Jerry W Beard
Garnett E Beard
Melanie Beard
Boone, NC
Mountain City, TN
Boone, NC
John Coffey
Samuel Scott Coffey
Samantha Lynn Coffey
Arkansas City, KS
Southaven, MS
Eugene, OR
Lennie D Coffey
Amy L Lawrence
Lorelei Lee Kyllonen
Staunton, VA
Staunton, VA
Johnnie Coffey
Daniel S Coffey
Steven D Rawley
Bristol, RI
Bristol, RI
Bristol, RI
Kristen Ann Viscione
Bernard W Coffey
Cassandra L Coffey
Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Kernersville, NC
William B Coffey
Jason P Coffey
Jyl Nicole Coffey
Lenoir, NC
Lenoir, NC
Lenoir, NC
Carol A Coffey
Victor Allen Coffey
Barbara Ann Coffey
Bowdoinham, ME
Brunswick, ME
Brunswick, ME
William R Coffey
Patrick D Coffey