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Port Charlotte High School ' 91
Port Charlotte , FL
About My Personal Life I got married in 1993, I have two beautiful children. a 6 year old boy named Bobby , and a 5 year old daughter Brittany. I have been married to Lisa Gagnon for 7 years. We have traveled all over the country and seen many great things and places. I have been working for the Charlotte County Sheriff's Department for the past 6 years. I am a k-9 handler working with two of my best friends, my dog eddy and Happy (John Heck). I look forward to hearing from everyone, and seeing everyone next summer!
Santa Clara High School ' 58
Santa Clara , CA
Greenville, SC
Greenville, SC
Greenville, SC
Alison Landreth
Louise S Lister
Naomi E Lister
Taylors, SC
Taylors, SC
Andrea Coker
Dianne V Lister
Jeffrey T Lister
Tatum, TX
Tatum, TX
Tishie A Lister
Willie C Lister
Daniel E Lister
Berwick, LA
Patterson, LA
Rockport, TX
Vaunda S Frederick
Martha Harrington
Lisa Johnston
Spring, TX
Bobby Lister
Jackson, MS
Jackson, MS
Jackson, MS
Elaine Mildred Lister
Alton Lavelle Lister
Joseph R Lister
Sacramento, CA
Antelope, CA