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Jackson Memorial High School ' 89
Jackson, NJ
Jenn Groeber
Susan Claire
Anthony Graziano
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  I came on here to see what was going on and to find some old friends.  I Pretty much still hang out with the same old gang. I did move around a bit from here (NJ) to Arizona a bunch of times durring school, besides going to Jackson MHS I also spent some time at Thunderbird High School (A.Z.) as well.  I'm now back in Jackson NJ been for a I don't think that I will ever leave???? well I might when Hayley is done with high school (But I do miss Arizona thou!)...I have a made a wonderful life here with Dan (Danny Leusner) and we all are very happy, we have a 15 year old daughter and she is THE BEST TEENAGER EVER!! I would love to hear from you guys so..come find me!! AIM= MaSolituda




What My Parents Are Proudest of Me Doing
Brooklyn, NY
Staten Island, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Angelo F Rappa
Joseph Rappa
Madeline M Najdzin