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Mccollum High School ' 84
San Antonio , TX
Mark Watson
Michael Collazo
What did your mother always say that turned out to be right? What was the saying?

That my kids would be worse than I was. the saying "  Yell   Aaiiee Anita, one day you'll have kids and I hope they act the way you do so you'll know what you put me through"      That my friends is called the curse of the parent.Frown

What superpower I want I would want the power to heal with my hands or my mind.  But since I like to use my hands more than my mind, I would rather have the power in them 

If any of my friends from school would like to get in touch with me you can email me anytime @

Woodville High School ' 09
Woodville , TX
About My Personal Life I'm the youngest of two kids, and I only joined this website to find my biological father. I only need to contact him to have some closure in my life. Find out why he left, why he hasn't tried to find his kids, why he hasn't paid child support to his struggling family, why he's been such a deadbeat, and so on. If anybody knows Paul Rene Moreno of the Austin, TX area, please don't hesitate to contact me. I really need to ask him a few questions.
About My Work Life Yea, if I had a job it wouldn't be out here...
About My School Life Typically an Honor Roll student, I usually keep myself in good standing with my teachers without being the teacher's pet. All I have to do is finish my work and sulk quietly in the shadows. People avoid me, I stay away from them, it all works out.
Manual High School ' 60
Denver , CO
About My Personal Life Administration in Education
Trevor G Browne High School ' 76
Phoenix , AZ
About My Personal Life Working for the State of Arizona for the Human Resource Division
Orangewood High School ' 93
Redlands , CA
About My Personal Life teaching
Bisbee High School ' 97
Bisbee , AZ
Naco, AZ
Zuzeth Venegas
Roswell High School ' 95
Roswell , NM
Ojf Ljmojdojoih
Chandler High School ' 87
Chandler , AZ
Mike Schweikardt
Hilltop High School ' 82
Chula Vista , CA
Michael Burgos
Sandra Hitchcock
Judy Guerrero
Fowler High School ' 08
Fowler , CA
Zapata High School ' 04
Zapata , TX
Le Grand High School ' 82
Le Grand , CA
Phineas Banning Sr High School ' 74
Wilmington , CA
Rayne High School ' 65
Rayne , LA
Coalinga High School ' 86
Coalinga , CA
Lone Grove High School ' 01
Lone Grove , OK
A C Jones High School ' 91
Beeville , TX
Steinmetz Academic Center ' 88
Chicago , IL
A C Jones High School ' 91
Beeville , TX
Oakland, CA
Alba Moreno
Silvestre Moreno
Luz M Moreno
San Bernardino, CA
Victorville, CA
Lorraine Moreno Hernandez
David Moreno
Helen Moreno Moreno
Stockton, CA
Stockton, CA
Joann Moreno
Mario Moreno
Pedro Moreno
Fullerton, CA
Anaheim, CA
Fullerton, CA
Francisco J Moreno
Antonio L Moreno
Felipe E Moreno
Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Christina Garcia Moreno
Eileen Ann Moreno
Ricardo E Moreno
Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Anna Maria Bernard
Sarah M Moreno
Katie L Moreno
North Bay Village, FL
Miami Beach, FL
Orlando, FL
Maria Defernandes
Juan C Moreno
Teresa D Moreno
Alvin, TX
Houston, TX
Webster, TX
Cesar I Vallecillo
William Adonay Moreno
Veronica G Vallecillo
East Chicago, IN
East Chicago, IN
Quakertown, PA
Ricardo L Moreno
Peggy L Smock
David D Perez
Santa Paula, CA
Santa Paula, CA
Santa Paula, CA
Anissa D Campos
Maria D Moreno
Raymond M Moreno
La Villa, TX
La Villa, TX
La Villa, TX
Evangelina M Espericueta
Maria G Moreno
Irma L Moreno
San Antonio, TX
Alfredo A Moreno
Viola M Moreno
Jaime D Moreno
Midland, TX
Leander, TX
Midland, TX
Dionesia B Moreno
Luwayna Moreno
Jessica B Moreno
Alpine, TX
Alpine, TX
Chris Aranda
Lucila M Cobos
Patricio A Cobos
Planada, CA
Planada, CA
Planada, CA
Rudy M Moreno
Virginia P Moreno
Rudy Moreno
Palm Harbor, FL
Palm Harbor, FL
Guillermo B Moreno
Reginaldo Pardilla Moreno
Priscilla Milana Moreno
Phoenix, AZ
Avondale, AZ
George F Moreno
Angelica Pamela Vasquez
Esther Vasquez
Earlimart, CA
Tulare, CA
Earlimart, CA
Leticia Alvarado
Gloria B Moreno
Rosario Moreno
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
Atlanta, GA
Agustin T Rodriguez
Yolanda M Moreno
Michelle Marie Gonzales
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Michael A Moreno
Jorge A Moreno
Elvia Maria Moreno
Del Rio, TX
Del Rio, TX
Del Rio, TX
Angelica M Aguero
Hilda Moreno
Belinda Moreno
Poway, CA
Marsha L Moreno
Ruben S Moreno
Ava M Moreno
Bonita, CA
Chula Vista, CA
Chula Vista, CA
Aida Jimenez Hernandez
Alejandro G Hernandez
Sonia H Cornish
Phoenix, AZ
Chandler, AZ
Gilbert, AZ
Adolfo M Moreno
Hilda C Castillejo
Xochitl M Moreno
Grand Terrace, CA
Colton, CA
Bloomington, CA
Linda S Garcia
Maria Morales
Debra Louise Garcia
Oak Lawn, IL
Chicago, IL
Oak Lawn, IL
Blanca Olivia Andere
Maria E Deluna
Jaime D Deluna
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
Mauro Isar Cervantez
Isabel Cervantez Cervantez
Jose C Cervantez
Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Arturo E Baez
Elizabeth L Moreno
Jose G Moreno
Bridgeport, CT
Bridgeport, CT
Bridgeport, CT
Anthony Forte
Flora Forte
Gervasio A Forte
Alice, TX
Alice, TX
Austin, TX
Patricia C Moreno
Linda V Moreno
Hilario Moreno
Burke, VA
Corpus Christi, TX
Richmond, VA
Mary Ann Moreno
Mario J Moreno
Elizabeth M Sanchez
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