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Santa Fe High School ' 94
Santa Fe, NM
About My School Life Oh boy, school was school. It was fun and interesting. I wish I could have got more out of it but you know how that goes. The friends I had were awesome and sometimes I do miss them. Lita and I are still real good friends. We remenice about those times but then we get back to reality. It was cool...and I'll leave it at that.
About My Personal Life I'm employed with Mars Corporation as a Coordinator for the Customer Service Dept. and I'm also raising my three children with my husband Eric. Fun,fun,fun! So much has changed. I can't beleive it sometimes.
About My Work Life Work, work, work. That's all I do. Other than taking a big amount of time out to care of my kiddos. If I was rich, I would definately stay home. I'm really looking into starting my own business. Let's see how that goes... Excellent, I hope. But I'll settle for GOOD.
Adena High School ' 00
Frankfort, OH
About My Personal Life fine juss finishing collage